Trumbull – Dear Absent Ones (2) – Dan’s Birthday Party – November, 1941


Aunt Betty continues to slowly improve. She stays in bed mornings, after I get her her breakfast, until the nurse comes. Then she comes downstairs for lunch and stays in the kitchen and reads or chats with Mrs. Warden (She, her husband, Paul, and their two children rent the small apartment) after lunch, until I get home at night and I start to get supper. Then she moves her chair over by the radio to be out of the way of the chef, has supper with us and about 9:30 I take her upstairs and tuck her in for the night. She is gradually but very slowly regaining the use of her hand, but it is discouragingly slow in losing its clumsiness.

Daniel (Dan) Beck Guion

Daniel (Dan) Beck Guion

Monday, the 27th, Dan’s birthday, I left the office at noon to drive down to Mount Vernon to attend Stanley Hubbard’s funeral. I did not get back to Bridgeport until 5 o’clock and did not leave there until six and in consequence, the things I had intended to do to celebrate Dan’s birthday, particularly in the eating line, were messed up as the stores closed at six. However I got a nice juicy steak at Kurtz’s, which with mushrooms, and a rice pudding with candles on it substituting for a cake, we managed to get by. Dan had invited Barbara for supper. We drank a toast to Dan with some wine I had and a quiet good time was had by all.

Last week also, the men came to insulate the entire roof of the house, forming a complete cap to prevent the escape of heat. They left a bag of insulating material and this morning Dan has been putting this in various cracks and crevices, particularly on the north wall where he could feel a circulation of air. Lad was invited to dinner today over to Long Island with Grace Mullin’s sister and her husband (He went with his girlfriend, Cecelia Mullin, daughter of Grace).

I have not heard the latest reports regarding the result of the ambulance drive in Trumbull, but I assume it must be pretty near reached, as on one of the big thermometers they had erected to show progress, (at the little green near Noyes corner) on Friday it showed they had up to that time collected $2800 and had then only $200 more to reach the goal.

Dan has been working quite diligently of late mounting his kodascope slides, sorting them, etc., and with the new projector, they show some very interesting and beautiful views of Alaska. Drop in some evening and he’ll be glad to show them to you.

We have started the furnace. I hope the insulation will reduce the amount of coal burned as promised. Today is hardly a fair test because it has been quite warm outdoors. Dave’s first marking period has arrived. He got two 70s, two 80s and two 90s. His favorite subject is Spanish. His poorest, probably because he doesn’t like his teacher, Mrs. Stock, is English. As he helps out at the office every afternoon this is not half bad.

I have heard nothing more of Marty and his operation but I understand Elizabeth was to bring him home from the hospital today. You and Dick kinder see-saw on raises. Congratulations to you and I suppose, from what Dan says, Dick is lucky to have a job, even at the old rate, instead of being laid off.

Halloween passed off quietly, which also is an appropriate way for me to end this epistle, since I can’t think of further news at the moment. Cheerio.


Tomorrow I’ll continue the story of Mary E Wilson, as she continues to develop a personal life here in America after her move from England.

Next week I’ll be posting leters written in 1943, with four out of five sons helping the war effort for Uncle Sam.

Judy Guion

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