Autobiography of Mary E Wilson (17) – Their First House – 1939

(Please look at Thursday’s post,,  for some additional information on the Rev. Elijah Guion, the Episcopal Priest at St. Paul’s, in New Orleans, during the Civil War.)




Archie, at this time, decided that $17 a month rent was too much to pay out so we sold our car for $350 and used the money as a down payment on an old two-family house at 68 Edwin Street in Bridgeport. The house was a mess and needed so much work done on it. This was the same house I had rented when I kept house for my two brothers.

Our mortgage was with the Home Owner’s Loan Corporation and our first job was to clean up the first floor so we could rent it. The first tenant was Polly Griffin’s younger brother but he really causes problems because he was a heavy drinker and not dependable.

Archie really should have continued his education with the Bridgeport Engineering School but he chose to work on the house. His foremost ambition seemed to be to make a comfortable home for us. He worked long, hard hours after work on the second floor which we had for our home. We worked very hard but were very proud of the results.

Our neighbors were Millie and Joe Stumpf and we became very good friends. Millie and I had been in the hospital when we had our babies at the same time. The children were the same age and became good playmates.

Tomorrow, more on the story of Archie and Mary’s early married life.

On Monday, I’ll begin posting letters from 1945. Dan and Paulette are married but can’t see each other as often as they’d like. Grandpa continues to keep everyone informed about life fro the Guion menage.

Judy Guion


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