Peabodys and Duryees – Grandma Writes to Ced – December, 1941

Grandma Peabody

5 Curcuit Road

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Dec. 19,

Dear Cedric

I got your last letter a few days ago. It’s so interesting to know what you are doing and what’s going on out there.

There seems to be plenty going on in this part of the world. Didn’t the Japs play a dirty trick on us! And what a horrible thing it was for the Officers to allow the Japs to do so much harm. Well they are getting their reward leaving their important jobs.

I was surprised and glad to, that Rusty is with you. Although you seem busy all the time it must be nice to have a companion to talk and laugh with. If you are girls, you might even cry. Haven’t heard a thing from Trumbull. I hope they are all well. When I saw Aunt Betty last she seemed pretty well, and she was getting the use of her hand more and more. She is such a dear, so patient. We here, plod along as usual. Dorothy busy with her short hand. She has so little time for anything else.

We are hoping Anne, Donald and Gweneth (Stanley) will spend Christmas with us but she hasn’t made any definite plans known yet. How do you like that crocheted tie, do you ever use it? I would have liked to make some more. Donald, for instance, liked his so much.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Marian (Peabody)  have been so busy getting their new home in order. Painting and papering, etc., etc. They are so enthusiastic and happy.

I read in the paper a few days ago that Hitler is taking a rest. I hope it will be a long one. He is supposed to be sick, maybe unnerved.

Last Saturday we had our first snow but it turned into rain before the day was over and all the snow was gone in no time. We have had such a long dry spell. Up State there must be a good deal of snow according to papers and that will perhaps help out the water problem.

I imagine Trumbull is getting ready to receive Dick. He will be some Christmas present! Don’t you think it was a fine thing for you boys to get away from Trumbull! The chance of seeing some of the world is a fine education.

Dear Ced, I am not sending you any Christmas present. I did not know what to do for you. Wishing you a very happy Christmas, including Rusty, I am

With lots of love


Tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be posting a letter from Grandpa to Ced, the only son away from home at this time.

Something special on Thursday. On Friday, I’ll post some Christmas and New Years cards.

Saturday and Sunday, Special Pictures – 

On Monday, I’ll continue with letters written in 1943, when four sons are working and/or training for duty with Uncle Sam.

Judy Guion


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