A Tribute to Cedric Duryee Guion – June 1, 1917 – January 30, 2008

This is a special tribute, in pictures, to my Uncle Ced, child # 3 of Alfred Duryee and Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, born 100 years ago today.

Cedric Duryee Guion in playpen, Larchmont, NY, 1918

Arla Mary Peabody Guion with her first five children – Dan, Alfred (Lad), Cedric, Dick and Elizabeth (Biss), 1923

Alfred (Lad), Cedric, Elizabeth (Biss) and Dick, Trumbull house, 1924

Dick, Dan, Ced, Lad and Biss with Patsy,  @ 1926

Cedric (right in front of Grandpa) @ 1927

L. to R. – Daniel, David, Alfred (Lad), Dick, Cedric, Elizabeth (Biss), @ 1928

Back row: Cedric, Alfred D (Grandpa), Daniel, Alfred (Lad)

Middle row: Donald Stanley, Richard, Elizabeth (Biss)

Front row: David, Gweneth Stanley, 1938

Cedric – top row, first person, visiting the Chandlers, December, 1939

L. to R. – Grandpa, Dick, Cedric, Elizabeth, Dave, Zeke holding Butch, Dan, spring, 1940

Cedric in Anchorage, Alaska, 1941 

Cedric, Anchorage, Alaska, @ 1943

Cedric, Anchorage, Alaska, @ 1945


Ced, taken in the Little House yard @ 1950


Grandpa, Cedric, 1955

Fannie Mildred (Pike) and Cedric Duryee Guion – January 1, 1957


Fannie (Pike) Guion with children, Arthur, Gary and Neil @1962


Lad, Dan, Ced, Biss, Dick and Dave at the 1992 Guion Family Reunion


Gary, Fannie and Cedric Guion at the 2005 Guion Family Reunion


Tomorrow I’ll post Holiday cards from 1941.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Monday, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1943. Lad – and the Trumbull folk – are excited about Lad’s pending furlough.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Cedric Duryee Guion – June 1, 1917 – January 30, 2008

  1. Mrs. P says:

    WOW….awesome pictures! So many I had never seen before. I love the one with Zeke holding Butch! LOL, 😉

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – That is one that doesn’t get used except for the one letter that the event is mentioned. I’ve cropped many of the individual faces and used them but not the entire picture. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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