Trumbull – The War Gets Closer to Home – January, 1942

It’s January 1942 and every week the war gets closer to home. Lad and Dan are both home, awaiting their fate at the hands of Uncle Sam. Ced is the only one receiving letters now while he is working in Alaska.

January 11, 1942

Dear Ced:

Dan got his summons this week and is to report for active duty on the 21st. He quit working for Producto and is now a man of leisure. Knowing Dan, I don’t know how much leisure there will be in his activities.

January 18, 1942

Dear Ced:

Last Wednesday Lad received notice of reclassification to A-1 and, while Producto will try again for his deferment, he does not think there is much chance of it’s going through. He was wondering today if it would not be a good start for him to enlist with the idea that in so doing he could more or less choose the branch of service he would prefer rather than wait to be drafted and thus be deprived of a choice. In that event I believe he would prefer the Navy. However,  this was more thinking out loud than it was a statement of what he really intended to do.

And this of course is Dan’s last week home. He leaves Wednesday from Shelton to begin working for Uncle Sam and that at present is the extent of our knowledge on the subject. Dick registers next month and as for you, I am waiting to hear some late news from Anchorage on your status.


January 25, 1942

Cedric, Mio:

Your letter to Dan arrived yesterday, but alas it has not reached him for the reason that he is not home nor do any of us know where he is. On Wednesday last, Dick and myself drove up with him in my car to the railroad station at Derby where he was to embark under sealed orders for parts unknown. Since then no postal or letter has arrived to inform us what camp he was sent to. I guess we’ll have to wait patiently until another letter arrives from him.

Realization that we are at war is being forced home more and more definitely to the people here in the matter of automobile sales, tire restrictions, sugar rationing (1 pound only to a purchaser) advancing food prices, etc. I suppose the same sort of thing is happening in Anchorage and everywhere else. I suppose we are just at the beginning of stupendous changes that will come before this war is over. Let’s hope they don’t affect us as a family to an untoward degree. Of one thing you can be sure and that is the way one Cedric will always have a particularly large place in the heart of his old


Tomorrow, another letter written to Ced in Anchorage, Alaska, the only son away from home. On Thursday and Friday, a letter to Dan and Ced, because Dan is now a member of Uncle Sam’s Army.

Judy Guion


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