Trumbull – Lad, You Old Rascal – October, 1943

Lad and Mariam at Pomona

Marian Irwin and Lad Guion in Pamona, CA

October 7, 1943

Dear Lad:

Well, you old rascal. So, you have decided to make me rich with another daughter! Well, that’s good news. I like it.  It arouses a strong desire to get better acquainted with one whom we are all set to welcome into the family — and like it.

To be sure, some undiscerning soul might question her good judgment in the choice of a prospective husband, but personally, I admire her good taste and have done so for years (with “x” representing Marian). Indeed, I have already credited her with several good marks in the scorebook.

Seriously, Lad, I am mighty happy with you. It makes me feel young again. I relive those happy days when, as a young husband, I found “the only girl in the world” and began my great adventure (as yet still unfinished, so long as you boys carry on into a new generation, and I am here to share it with you). I found, living with your mother, that marriage with the right girl comes as near heaven on earth than anything we experience in this world can, and obversly, my observation tells me that two people mismated, is quite about the worst kind of living hell. Of course all marriage, to some extent, is a gamble — each one, after the rosy clouds of the honeymoon disappear to permit a clear view of the other fellow in all his humanness, finds it a bit hard to give up some of his cherished ideas, which each must be prepared to do, to fit smoothly into a joint working partnership — and surprisingly, it is not the big crises that threaten to be the stumbling block — it is the little, unimportant, constantly recurring things that make life miserable, like pinching the family toothpaste tube the wrong way, the constant mispronunciation of the word, or any one of 1000 trivial things — but I grow serious and perhaps tiresome. This is a time of rejoicing – not of listening to tiresome lectures.

While your letter came as a big surprise it was a mighty pleasant one, and it is too bad you both are not nearer home so that we could celebrate in a manner fit for the occasion. Needless to say, I am looking forward personally, very eagerly, to more detail than just the base facts announced in your note. Perhaps Marian might feel inclined, if she has the time, to write me also a bit more about herself, so that we can get better acquainted with one another — even if it be only by correspondence.

A father’s loving blessings on you both, and may the years be long and happy in all that is best.

As ever,


Tomorrow and Wednesday, Grandpa will be making the announcement to the rest of the family in his weekly chronicle as well as broadcasting other family news. On Thursday, we’ll read a congratulatory note from Babe, Lad’s former girlfriend and on Friday, we’ll read what Marian’s parents have to say to Al, as they call him.


6 thoughts on “Trumbull – Lad, You Old Rascal – October, 1943

  1. Arla Danielle Guion Smith says:

    Beautiful picture of 2 people in love, and it definitely lasted! Grandpa certainly had words of wisdom.

  2. Mrs. P says:


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