Trumbull – Dear Dave (2) – Letters to Lad and Marian and From Dan – November, 1945


Page 2   11/18/45

Dear Lad and Marian:

Thought of you several times on the anniversary day and was tempted to send you a wire didn’t know whether it would reach you in time if sent to your camp address, even though of sending Marian flowers by wire, so you see that nothing tangible resulted, you were at least in mind.

Dick has been busy as the proverbial bee, tinkering away at this thing and that, much to the improvement and comfort of all concerned. He doped out a complete and comprehensive fuse plan for all the light outlets, installing new lights the apartment bathroom, replace one light socket (fixture) in the old bathroom. Between you and Ced and Dick a lot of mechanical things that have needed to be fixed up for some time have been completed. Jean cooked the dinner today, Marian, and did a right good job, too. We had a roast of lamb (page Dan), baked sweet potatoes, string beans, shoelace beets (canned) and prune whip. Last week another bunch of delayed letters arrived which I sent on to you at Lad’s address so you could have something to do besides knitting while Lad was put helping Uncle Sam. I am enclosing another letter for Marian which arrived since.

We are course hoping you both can get here for Thursday’s event. Was Bob transferred to the new company too? Was he able to get a pass to enable him to go home for Thanksgiving?


Dear Dan:

Yours of Nov. 8th from Paris. The letter in which you say: “Just like old Finnigan, I’m off again — this time to Luxembourg. We arrived back from Leige Tuesday evening and the next two days have been a hurricane of activity getting enough survey equipment to make up two crews. My crew is going to Luxem., And another  to Holland. The job this time is rather like the last, i. e. a topo., survey of a military cemetery.”

(Later on in the letter you say you haven’t received any mail lately so of course you didn’t answer any questions I have asked you lately to attend to clear up such points as to what position do you occupy in these survey teams what exactly is your work? How do you like your boss and then work with?)

You go on to say: “ Chiche is still at Calais. She asks for a few more items from S.R. (Sears Roebuck) back to last summer, hence are listed in the old catalog. Reasonable facsimiles will suffice. In addition to the items listed she wants to give her sister Renée a raincoat similar to the one you sent her– same size. And I promised to ask for a third raincoat for a friend– small size — not the same style as Paulette’s. Incidentally I have told Chiche that she is not to promise anything more to her friends because it is an abuse of your and Marian’s willingness, and a hell of a bother.”

Tomorrow, the conclusion of this letter. On Thursday an note from Marian and on Friday, another letter from Grandpa.

Judy Guion


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