Trumbull – Dear Dave (3) – Grandpa Writes to Dan and Paulette – November, 1945

(First let me comment on the last part of your quotation. It is a bit of a bother, to be sure, to order, collect when received, pack and ship stuff ordered from. S. R., as it is difficult for me, with no help to get away from the office, but shucks, if we at home here cannot put ourselves out a bit when it means so much to you folks over there to get the thing, it’s just too bad and makes meaningless our protestations of goodwill.

Page 3   11/18/45

Besides knowing Chiche as I think I do, I don’t believe she would ever abuse or overdue the matter. Certainly as far as she herself is concerned, nothing she may ever want us to do for her over here will ever be too much trouble and if occasionally she has some dear friend, through her, we can do something for, it would probably give her as much pleasure to be the means of benefiting such other person as though it were done for her herself. There are only two aspects of the matter that give me any concern. First, is the fact that so small a percentage of the things ordered are available (in the case Rabets, for instance, the $34 worth ordered only $12 could be obtained) and the other is the cost angle, which is your affair and only indirectly any affair of mine. I don’t like to see you spend every cent as earned because sooner or later you will want some money for fares back to USA, For doctor’s bills, for baby things, etc. and that brings me incidentally to the old order you enclosed with your letter totaling roughly $145, the more costly items being two wedding rings and an engagement ring. What are you doing, getting engaged and married all over again? Before I go ahead with this purchase, I want to be sure it is something you didn’t leave on unintentionally, particularly in view of the fact you state in your letter it was a list made out last summer. I think I know what Chiche means about the other raincoat. On the catalog page showing raincoats are shown two styles, one the trench coat model which we sent to her and the other the dressmaker model, so-called, which I take it is the one she wants for her friend. It looks to me as if Paulette made out this order in her own handwriting, and that being the case, I think I shall write her to find out if I am correct, hoping I’ll get her answer in English. I have a sneaking idea that she can write English a lot better than she modestly claims. Note: you are sending paychecks home; also new address. I shipped off two more boxes to you last week at the former address. Best Thanksgiving wishes to you. Wish you were here for a swig of Burrough’s cider.

Dear Paulette:

You being one of the family now shouldn’t have to get this letter secondhand, particularly as with Dan rushing around Europe, there is no telling when his mail will catch up with him. So, if you have read down this far you will know some of the questions that are bothering me. Am I right about the raincoat? Do you want the raincoat for Renée the same color as yours? It also comes in blue. And am I also right about the other style for your friend? And maybe when you write me about these things you can also clear up the question of the wedding and engagement rings. Maybe they are not for you but for someone else? n’est se pas? I will order the tablecloth and kitchen towels and gloves and hope they have them in stock. In one of the boxes I sent to Dan last week I enclosed a number of American baby magazines thinking might be interested in looking them over. I guess you know how disappointed we are here that official red tape has kept you both from coming to your new home, but Time will cure that as it does many other things and we can still have the fun of looking forward to your arrival on some future happy day. Meantime, take good care of yourself and my little grandchild, and give that hubby of yours a big kiss for me when you see him again. Also, please give my warmest regards to your father and mother.

To all of you, love from


Tomorrow, a note from Marian and on Friday, another letter from Grandpa.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


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