Trumbull – Mr. Cedric D. Guion, D.L.W. – Delay, Linger and Wait (2) – Other Family News – April, 1942


Page 2   4/13/42

A brief comment regarding the rest of the family and then I’ll switch the key to the listening position to await a message from Ced.

Alfred (Lad) Peabody Guion

Lad is still heading up the shipping activities of the Producto Co., training a new man to take his place when his call from the Draft Board comes. He has heard nothing from them in spite of the fact his deferment only carried him up to April. He says that if the call should now come it is the intention of his boss to request a further deferment to give time for the training of the new man, based on the fact that Producto is on 100% war work and his is an essential job. He has been attending an Emergency Police course and along with about 20 others, last night was awarded a certificate for the successful completion of the course. It is in effect a sort of Police Reserve organization called out in emergency. He is stationed over on Huntington Turnpike.

Dick Guion

Dick has had considerable tire trouble lately, applied to the Tire Rationing Board and yesterday was granted permission to acquire for retreaded tires. He still works on the night shift at Producto, is apparently interested in the work, is taking a course in blue print reading and spends most of his spare time in Stratford. (where Jean Mortensen lives)DPG - with Zeke holding Butch

Dave is an active little cuss, devoting his time out of school between study (?), work at the office every afternoon, air raid watcher, movies, girls, etc. He’d rather talk than eat and he has a pretty good appetite at that. If he isn’t chasing some girl or letting her chase him, he is broadcasting, choir rehearsing, young peopling, etc. Right now he is fixing up his bike against the day when will have to put up the car for the lack of tires.

Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty is now operating at almost full speed again. She darns socks, helps get the evening meal, vacuum cleans the house, washes dishes, and is now planning some garden work. She was beginning to get a bit worried at not having heard from you for so long, and if you don’t write again soon I won’t be responsible for the consequences.

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

I’m plugging away in the same old rut, leave home for the office about nine, take an hour and a half for lunch at Howland’s, do my crossword puzzle, come home and get supper, read the paper, listen to the radio, go to bed, read and go to sleep. Work at the office has been slow. It was so bad last month that we did not pay expenses but went into the hole. This month has started out a bit better. One job we have to turn out next week is sending out 33,500 multigraph letters for Manning, Maxwell & Moore. If we could get one job a week like that we could keep ahead of the tide.

Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

Elizabeth and her two kiddies seem to keep well, although it is quite a drag on Biss and keeps her thin. Zeke works nights. They still have their old car which they want to get rid of if they can find a substitute which is a good buy. Zeke is making good money, is putting it almost entirely in payment for the house, which, if things keep on as they now seem to be going, they will have paid for by the end of the year. The children are just at the most interesting age. Butch has run away a few times lately.

And I guess that about sums up the doings. Just a report from the only other member of the family is now missing.     DAD

For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting two more letters from Grandpa to the two sons who are away from home.

Judy Guion


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