Special Picture # 300 – Spring Island in Winter – @ 1954

These pictures were taken by my Dad, Lad, on a trip to New Hampshire to visit with his younger brother, Dick and his family. My Mom, Marian, and friends, Pete and Barbara (Plumb) Linsley also went along. While there, the group, Lad, Marian, Dick, his wife Jean and young daughter Suzanne, Pete and Barbara Linsley, went over to see the Island. Since Suzanne was born in April, 1953, my guess is that this trip occurred some time in the winter of 1953-54.


Spring Island from States Landing


Pete Linsley on Spring Island


Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion and daughter, Suzanne


view to the south


Walking back to States Landing


Marian leading the pack


My Mom, Marian (Irwin) (Mrs. Lad) Guion




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