Special Picture # 305 – Spring Island (1) – 1999

In the middle of winter, I need a “Spring Island Fix”. These are pictures I just came across taken in August of 1999, during an extremely dry summer. I don’t ever remember seeing the water level this low in over 65 years. I’ll be sharing these pictures for the next two weekends.

To the left is Bathtub Rock, almost empty of water.


Behind the Birch tree is a rock formation that creates a chair, one of my “Special Places”.


This is hard to see, but the water has sculpted two seats in the upper rock next to Bathtub Rock.


We call the rock in the upper right “Sunset Rock” because it makes a perfect seat or leaning space to view the Sunset behind Red Hill. The water usually comes up to the black area on the rocks.


We call this area “Sandy Beach” but the actual beach starts at the far left behind the blueberry bushes. I took this picture because there was so much more beach. At the bottom of the picture is the Big Flat Rock, which is usually covered by water.


Tomorrow and next weekend, I’ll post more pictures of this very unusual view of Spring Island.

On Monday I’ll begin posting letters written in 1944. All five boys are now serving Uncle Sam in one capacity or another.

Judy Guion


4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 305 – Spring Island (1) – 1999

  1. Mrs. P says:

    so nice to see more of the island. And the name “bathtub rock” was that literal?

  2. Is this the same place where the winter pictures of Lad and Marian were taken?

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