Trumbull – Grandma Died Last Tuesday (2) – January, 1944

Dear Dan:

Two letters from you this week, the last by airmail, were truly welcome. I am glad you spent so pleasant a Christmas Day with the Heath’s. I don’t know why I am reminded of this, unless it be the “Christmas spirit”, but did you ever read “The Story of the Other Wise Man” by Henry Van Dyke? (  It’s short and well written and I think you will enjoy it.

May I also tell you how satisfactory it is for you to let me know from time to time about the things you would like to have me send you. With all you boys every so often I have the urge to send you some little thing that will be useful, but unless you’re wants are made known as you have done, one never knows what to send and if a wild choice is made, whether such things are really welcome. And dismiss from your mind any thought of obligation as to remuneration. You already have to your credit far more than the cost of the few things I occasionally send you.

It was quite thrilling to read your enthusiastic account of your weeks course at Oxford. I hope your luck will continue and that you will be able also to get to Cambridge. When Kit read your letter she asked if you had ever mentioned visiting the Savoy Hotel in London. She suggested that next time you are in that vicinity you look up Caroll Gibbons, who directs the Savoy Orchestra and tell him you are a friend of Katherine O’Toole (from Clinton, Mass.)

I am sorry about the pipe sans filter. Yes, you asked for a filter pipe in the first place but in view of the fact that filters were absolutely unattainable and still are over here, it seemed better to send what I did rather than what you asked for minus the parts that would make it usable. Pipe cleaners are also unobtainable so you can picture my elation when I was able to obtain the few which I believe I sent you.

Dave is home for his first weekend furlough from Camp Devens. He gets quite a kick out of Army life and so far is quite enthusiastic over his treatment. He is on a special detail involving clerical work which lets him out of KP and other disagreeable tasks which falls to the lot of his buddies. He has a chance to get into the Air Corps which will involve about 15 months of college training, which he is seriously thinking of entering.

Dear Marian: Thanks for your letter with the good news that definite plans are now made to join Lad the first week in February. Even if you couldn’t spend Christmas with him you can celebrate his birthday together. Which reminds me, what date marks the anniversary of your appearance in this naughty world? I want to enter this in my archives. Ced is still making us happy by his continued presence, not having heard anything more from the draft board in Anchorage, nor from his employer as to efforts to obtain a deferment. Of course his plans to visit you and Lad are also in abeyance pending the momentous decision as to whether to return to Alaska to continue his work or is drafted into Uncle Sam’s Army, in which case he will go from here (if that is permissible) instead of returning for induction from Anchorage.

No word from Dick or Lad this week. Jean has achieved several cake masterpieces this week, making us all fuller but happier. We all of us send our community love to each of you, severally and individually.


Tomorrow and Sunday, more pictures of the Island during August, 1999. The water level is the lowest I had ever seen.

On Monday, I’ll begin posting letter written in 1946 from Grandpa to his five sons and one daughter-in-law.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Grandma Died Last Tuesday (2) – January, 1944

  1. My dad read “The Fourth Wiseman” to me when I was a kid. I remember being very moved by it. I’d encourage others to take Grandpa’s advice to read this beautiful little story,

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