Trumbull – The President is Preparing a Statement (4) – January, 1946

Dear Dave:

It was good to get your side of the story and I’m glad you had the good sense to stay away from what might have ended in a disorderly occasion and might have endangered your good conduct record and possible chances for an early discharge and home-coming. And by the way, I hope I’ll get a letter from you soon telling me just what these chances look like to you now. As I figure it your two years are up and you must have nearly the required number of points. The test, according to Gen. Ike, is whether you are in non-essential work. Let’s hear the lowdown on the situation. Lad has received his camera back again and intended to send it to you but decided that you would be home long before it reached you. And by the way, if you are shipped home via Frisco and not through the canal, Marian suggested that when you dock you call up her folks, listed under the name of Mowry Irwin, address 11 La Noria, Orinda, Calif., phone Orinda 8081, tell them who you are and they will tell you how to get out there to visit them. Also Aunt Dorothy would probably like to have you visit her. Last known address: 950 Pine St, S.F.

Who do you think called me up last week and asked if I could perform a marriage ceremony here? You’d never guess, Sandy Rubsamen. His mother, sister, and three other friends arrived Wednesday night (and cold it was too) and I married them here in the alcove. The girl comes from Pennsylvania. And the day before I married a sailor, just discharged, to the daughter of a former motorcycle police officer named FitzRoy who once arrested me on a trumped up charge of a taxicab man in Bridgeport, claiming he smelled liquor on my breath. And the bridesmaid was — you’ll never guess this one either — Evelyn Hughes.

Were you too young or do you remember that battleship game that Larry introduced us to years ago? The boys found some of the old sheets in the table drawer where they had been reposing for years and revived the craze as far as the family was concerned using all the 40 or so sheets of it we had; so I have asked George to cut another stencil and may send you a few sheets which you may play with some of your buddies to while away some of the tedious hours. And that gives me an idea. We might bring it up to date and instead of sinking enemy ships with gunfire we might modernize it by introducing a carrier instead of a cruiser, and do our sinking with airplanes or possibly atomic bombs. And you might start a craze in Bridgeport at the same time advertising the Guion Co. by getting out some with our name on them and mailing them out with bills, offering to supply additional copies (also with our name on them) on request. See what you can work out in a promotional way on this when you get a copy. What will we put on our giveaway copies as our ad? How will we distribute them? What charge shall we make in quantities if the stunt goes over as a fad? Try your hand at Guion promotional efforts. Right now I’m hoping you can be back early enough this year so that after taking a good rest and loafing until you feel the urge to work, you can still get the hang of things long enough so that I can feel free to get away for a month beginning about Aug. 15th, just before hay fever starts, and spend that unpleasant season at the Island, where perhaps they are free from ragweed and the accompanying hay fever. It’s something to look forward to anyway even if it doesn’t come true.

Tomorrow, the last piece of this letter. It is a letter to Dan with thought and comments on life in Trumbull.

On Saturday and Sun day, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion




2 thoughts on “Trumbull – The President is Preparing a Statement (4) – January, 1946

  1. I wasn’t aware of a pencil and paper version of Battleship. My brother and I spent many hours playing the board game version with the little pegs.

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