Trumbull – Dear Dan, Ced and Dave (1) – On My Own – January 27, 1946

I don’t believe this is the picture Lad found. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

Trumbull, Conn., Jan. 27, 1946.

Dear Dan, Ced and Dave:

You may perhaps recall my story of Finkelstone, from the Bronx, who was drafted, and in spite of his friends predictions, was decorated for bravery when his C.O. armed him to the teeth, sent him to the front lines and told him he was in business for himself. Well, with no letters from foreign parts to quote to you today, I seem to be “on my own”, and you may not therefore expect too much from this epistle.

To Ced, however, I bring what I think may be a bit of good news. Among Lad’s many improvement jobs around the house, he tackled the job the other day of cleaning out the telephone booth with the intention of converting it into a coat closet (and the erstwhile coat closet into a movie outfit storage receptacle). In removing the accumulation of years he came across some papers which evidently Ced had left here on the occasion of his first trip home. Among them I find a Pilot’s Flight Log with official recordings of flying time from October 22, 1942 to October 25, 1942, which shows a total flying time of 30 hours and 30 minutes; also Student Pilot Certificate S-456294, issued June 4, 1942 and Second Class Medical Certificate dated 7/22/43; a D. M. Read diary of his daily doings from June 13th to July 7th; a number of photo negatives (not movies); a day by day recording of Dan’s and his trip from Trumbull to Alaska, starting June 13, 1940 and passenger list of SS Mount McKinley sailing from Seattle, June 26, 1940; a new wrist watch strap and a small box of ski-club souvenirs; also a large photo of a 3-motored Woodley plane outside the hangar. All or any of the above may be redeemed by the owner upon his establishing proof of his identity, pending which they will be held in the Guion vaults.

And while we are in this official vein, let me say to Dave that I am in receipt of a letter from the War Dept., Army Service Forces, Office of the Fiscal Director, Office of Dependency Benefits, 213 Washington St., Newark 2, N.J., Please reply to SPFNE-D-201 Guion, David P., (22 Jan 46) ASN 31 409 102, which says: Reference is made to a Class E allotment of $50 ($50) per month authorized in your favor, effective 1 June 1945 by David P. Guion, Army Serial No. 31409102. Record of this office shows the allotment is paid to date and still active. There is no record of checks having been returned unclaimed. Communication received from the soldier’s Commanding Officer indicates that payments on this allotment have not been received by you. If all payments have not been received, it is requested that this office be notified over your signature, the exact month of missing checks and further action will be taken. L. H. Sims, Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Director.” Perhaps I have been negligent in notifying you, Dave, each month that check has been received and credited to your account, but the record is O.K., and I am sorry if you or your C.O. have been put to any trouble because of my negligence. In this connection, I may say that you are now the owner of 10 shares of common stock in the West Va. Pulp and Paper Co., which I believe is likely to prove a profitable investment, although hardly in the class with Lad’s Venez. Petroleum which rose from 75 cents to $10. in value in a few years. This certificate will shortly be in my safe deposit box, and in case any time I should think it desirable to sell it, I would like you to sign and return to me the enclosed paper.

Tomorrow I’ll post the second half of this letter. I’ll finish out the week with two more letters from Grandpa about news from Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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