Trumbull – Dear Dan, Ced and Dave (2) – News of Local Interest – January 27, 1946

Page 2, 1/27/46

And to Dan I might say that last week I dispatched to you the fur coat ordered from Sears Roebuck, plus one other box of miscellaneous items and this week I expect to get off to you the woolen blanket. The scarf ordered about the same time from Sears Roebuck is reported out of stock. Practically all of Baby Guion’s layette have been speeded on their way and next will come some of your civilian clothes. Meantime send me a list of other things you may desire your local purchasing agent to acquire for you. You haven’t asked much for yourself lately in the way of smoking tobacco, dental floss, etc. Are you able now to obtain these things locally? And just so you will not be madly jealous I may as well confess that I have sent a Valentine to a little French girl I know, being careful not to sign my name to it so that her husband may have no case against the sender. It may, however, serve to remind her that we are patiently waiting for that cable reading, “We are on our way to the U.S.” Do you think you can make it by July 4th?

As for purely local news. Dick has spent most of the week in bed with a cold. He is better now, thanks to the careful nursing of his attractive nurse. Thursday we celebrated Marty’s fifth birthday at 142 Cornwall St., Stratford, and a good time was had by all. Coming home it rained like the dickens and froze as it landed, making the streets slippery in consequence, of which I was unable to negotiate either driveway although Lad later accomplished the feat. Outside of Aunt Betty slipping on the ice and falling in a puddle en route from stalled car to house, we arrived safe but wet. Tomorrow the four newlyweds go to New Haven to view the ice follies.

A letter from Anne (Peabody Stanley) (10 Perry Street, New York 14, N.Y.) says she has just received a letter from Uncle Frank asking among others for the addresses of all Arla’s children in connection with the probate of the will of Vivian Peabody who died Jan. 15th suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage. As Vivian is the last of her particular family and apparently left no will, the estate has to be divided up among all surviving relatives. Anne says there can’t be much of an estate and it seems too bad to have to go through a lot of legal red tape to settle it. I have sent your addresses on as requested.

Red (Sirene) and his wife just dropped in. He hopes to be out in two weeks, but with the Army, who knows?

Smoky, Aunt Betty, Jean, Dick, Lad, Marian, two red squirrels who have lately taken up their abode within our hospitable walls, according to Dick, in fact all the occupants of this house join me in sending our best to yuo, with a special message to Paulette that she and Dan leave no stone unturned with the French and U.S. government so that at the earliest possible moment they can steer a course for Conn. and the welcome that awaits you in the little dot on the map called Trumbull.

So, until next week, ________________________________ interesting quotes from Dan, Dave or Ced, let this be a good night to you all from your hopeful


The rest of the week will be filled with two more letters from Grandpa.

Judy Guion


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