Trumbull – Dear DB, CD and DP – Short Notes and Local News – February 10, 1946

Trumbull, Conn., Feb. 10, 1946

Dear DB, CD and DP,

A cablegram from Dan, a New Year’s greeting from the Senechal’s (Paulette’s parents), a letter from Dave and a letter from your mother’s Aunt Marian (Rudolph Peabody’s mother) in Morgantown, W. Va., is what the mailman left in my lap — yes, even the cablegram arrived by mail, so you’re not as smart as you thought you were in catching me in a misstatement. I am also enclosing for your perusal copy of chapter 2 of Ced’s trek to the far North which I stated in my last letter I had left at the office but afterward remembered I had given it to Elizabeth to read and she had not returned to me. I did however, leave Dave’s letter at the office where I had taken it to make correction in my Addressograph stencils, as in this letter he stated his unit had been transferred to Tokyo, leaving him, however, in Manila. His revised address is Sgt. etc. 4025 Sig. Svc. Det., 5th Plt. Hq. Det. 1, APO 75, c/o PM, S.F. etc. This was about all he had time to write before he was called to duty (Yes, Dave, I called Kilner at once and let her know the new address).

Dan’s cablegram was short but a bit disconcerting. It read: “Register parcels henceforth. Theft evident. Dan.” Unfortunately most of the things he had asked for from time to time, including items of jewelry and a fur coat from Sears Roebuck, representing in all several hundred dollar’s worth of merchandise, had all been shipped before his cable arrived. We are now awaiting follow-up letter which will undoubtedly give us more details on the “theft evident” feature. There has hardly been sufficient time since the coat was shipped to have had it arrive, so I am hoping that will get through O.K. I am sorry now that I did not meticulously set down for record purposes the date of each parcel shipped and the contents thereof so that, if it would do any good, which I doubt, claim could be entered for missing articles. Without this date however, I am afraid filing a claim would be useless. Besides it may not have been that the looting occurred until after it left the jurisdiction of the U.S. authorities, if the packages have been chasing Dan around France under French government auspices. The Senechal card is a very attractive reproduction of the official seal of the City of Calais in colors and extends New Year’s greetings from the Senechal’s to all of us here.

Aunt Marian says her daughter Ruth (Rudolph’s sister) who is a teacher of _______ in the Univ. of Morgantown, has gone on a week’s vacation. She says Rudolph’s hospital unit turned over their hospital to a younger unit last September and then “sat in the mud” until Nov. 14th before starting home, thus missing Thanksgiving at his Madison home. He is now back at Wayne University.

Art Mantle and his new wife are home. She is from California I believe, but I have talked to no one yet who has met her. Red Sirene is now a civilian but it is too soon to have given him time to make any plans for his future. His wife works at McCall’s Magazine and they live in Brooklyn. Nellie Sperling is in the hospital with some tropical hold over from his service in the East. I am not sure whether it is malaria or some other tropical disease. Paul (Warden, he and his family live in the small apartment in the Trumbull House) is now working at Remington and is busy with plans to build a boat in collaboration with Walter Mantle. Zeke (Biss’s husband) is not making as much money now as his time at Singer’s (Sewing Machine) has been cut. G.E. strike still continues. A threatened Bpt. (Bridgeport) Brass strike has been averted. Dave Cronin died very suddenly of a heart attack while driving on White Plains Road in his car.


Tomorrow, more Special Pictures.

Next week I’ll be posting letters from 1942 when Grandpa is writing to his sons who are away from home.

Judy Guion


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