Army Life – Dear Dad – The News Has Come – October 16, 1942


Lad Guion

Blog - 2016.06.28 - Lad's letter to Grandpa - Oct. 16, 1942

Oct. 16, 1942

8:30 P.M.

Dear Dad: –

The news has come – I’m on the tentative list for California. That means that I may leave here sometime during the latter part of this month. However, this information is a military secret (?), so don’t publish the fact too freely. I expect that I’ll be able to get home, if only for a short time, before I leave. I’m making plans as though I were going, with the exception of drastic steps, but even so, in connection with that matter I mentioned last week, I’d like to ask you to wire me, via Western Union, $50. Address to Pvt. A.P. Guion, (ASN-31122058), Co. C, 2nd Bn., O.R.T.C., H.P.G., Aberdeen, Maryland. If you desire – wire collect.

Travel by private conveyance is authorized, by the Army, at three cents per mile for 2833 miles. This will not be paid however until the trip is over, but I think that if I’m successful, I’ll take three fellows plus myself at $30 apiece and that will, or should, completely cover the entire cost of the trip with a few dollars to spare.

In retribution, here is what I can think of to counterbalance what I will leave behind. I’ll see parts of the US which I have never seen, the winter weather may be better, which I will like, and there may be, and probably will be, and advancement in rank. And, another thing, I understand that there would be an O.C.S. out there. And since this will be a new set up – the restrictions will probably be a little lower, so I’ll possibly have a better chance with my voice. Anyway, I’m sort of looking forward to the change.

Well, Dad, I don’t think that I’ll be able to get home before next weekend or after that, but I’ll get home, sometime, before I leave. Remember me to all and my love to Aunt Betty.


Tomorrow through the rest of the week, two more letters from Grandpa to his three props.

Judy Guion


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