Trumbull – Dear Paralytics of the Writing Hand (1) – This is Not a Threat – November 8, 1942



Trumbull, Conn., Nov. 8, 1942

Dear Paralytics of the Writing Hand:

Still no word from Ced and a back-handed round-the-corner word from T-5 through Barbara that he might be home next week end. Lad again reported in person so that this correspondence of mine is sort of a one-way affair instead of a round trip. I’m beginning seriously to doubt the expediency of what I intended to be a conscientious effort to do my duty in keeping you boys posted up small time doings around here, so if this is the last of the series you will understand it is an attempt to feel out the situation, sort of a straw in the wind as it were, coupled with the promise that I shall of course deliver value received in the shape of a letter to match, in number, those letters received by me. I confess that in spite of Aunt Betty’s repeated opinion “That was a very nice letter”, I often feel the things I write are of so little consequence that, aside from the fact that it is a letter, you must feel you wouldn’t be missing much if it were omitted entirely. Of course you would be too polite to admit as much but the evidence certainly bears out this point of view. All this newspaper stuff about the boys in the service, etc., appreciating a letter from home by this token is a lot of bunk and I’m just kidding myself to think otherwise, and the only way to make me believe anything else is by deeds, not words. This is not intended as a threat because, if my premise is true, the elements of a threat are not present. It is merely an attempt to make my position clear. Furthermore, they do not apply to Lad, who in spite of the fact he has been able to get home pretty consistently each week and, still finds the time during the week to keep me posted as to any developments. For instance, two letters last week contain interesting news. I quote: “I was supposed to leave last night (Nov. 2nd) for California with a very short stop in Trumbull. Then, before we were dismissed a fellow came running from Co. C headquarters with an order revoking shipment of A. P. Guion and stating new orders would be issued soon. (This of course through out of gear Lad’s arrangements to drive out some of the boys in his car). This afternoon I was called over to one of the school buildings with about 20 others, and was told that I and two others were to leave here in order to get to Flint Michigan to take a three weeks course starting December 7th, and from there on to California, transportation by private vehicle. The captain who addressed us stated we were picked very carefully from the entire bunch going to California, holding back the best men to give them additional training in specialized teaching and to enable us to study the methods used in other and older specialized schools, thus gaining for ourselves and for the Ordnance Department thru special report forms we have to fill out and send back to the Major, the benefit of methods used by others, in instructing diesel specialists!” This looks as though Lad would be far from home Christmas and New Year’s.

Well, as perhaps you have observed, we elected a Republican Governor for Conn. My friend, Ray Baldwin, has returned to his rightful place and when I called him up to congratulate him, he was good enough to say the letters we sent out, he believed, were quite a help in accomplishing the result.

Tomorrow I will post the rest of this letter which announces the addition of another member to the family. Three more letters from Grandpa fill out the week.

Judy Guion

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