Trumbull (1) – Letters From Ced and To Dave and Dan – March 31, 1946


For some reason I cannot find page 1 of this letter dated March 31, 1946. I even went to the original letters and page 1 is not they are so I will post page 2 today and page 3 tomorrow with Easter wishes from Grandpa. This appears to be a continuation of a letter from Ced, who is in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Page 2    3/31/46

One other interesting sidelight on the “Student Federalists” ( is a report in the local papers one day last week of the proposed formation of a S.F. chapter at the Homer High School. I had no previous knowledge that there was any further interest in the territory whatever and it seemed great to think that there were some people to help carry the ball in Alaska. If there is interest that strong in Homer, why not other places in Alaska and also why not elsewhere in scattered waypoints in the States and foreign lands? Of course I know there is lots of interest and sympathy all through the world but it gives a kind of impetus to one’s inspirations when he realizes that there is strong support in a previously unknown quarter. I regret that I failed to send a letter to the Homer school but the population seemed too small to warrant the speakers traveling there. Now, tho, I expect that the speakers will certainly visit home or if they decide on coming up to Alaska.

Have been skiing on Saturdays and on my afternoons off and enjoying it immensely. Perhaps by thaw time the art of “Christie” turns will be mastered. Flying has been dealt into less frequently, but when the skiing is over, I shall again take to the air. I did do a loop for the first time about two weeks ago and it worked beautifully. In fact there is lots less sensation than I thought there should be. Spins are much more severe.

There is a new men’s chorus starting in town with Blanche Fusek playing and directing it. I went last Monday and will probably attend regularly from now on. I’d rather be in a mixed chorus but there is no such thing in town except church choirs. They are nice to, but I work Sundays and besides, I prefer non church singing.

Thanks loads for the pictures you sent. They make me homesick for the old home tho. They are also natural and homey. I will soon have some pictures of my bearded frontispiece and will startle you with one or two of same. The Rendezvous went off alright but I got to see very little of it. The car went to someone else, the house wasn’t for me and now all that can be hoped for is the ice pool. Sure is good to hear that the Hopkins made such a hit. They are still in the States but when they return here it is going to be fun checking up on Trumbull again. They will be the first links between here and there since I have been up here.”

Dear Dave:

Following last week’s practice I shall send a copy of this letter to you care of Aunt Dorothy in San Francisco, hoping that either in Manila or S.F. one will reach you, although I am of course hoping that the one to Manila will make good speed and still miss you. Denny the Greek is still asking about you frequently and was quite thrilled when I told him you might now be on your way home. And for the love of Mike, if you have received Dominic Powell’s famous poem dedicated to his son, acknowledge it at the first opportunity. I had the job done for him and he is as proud of it as Lucifer. I told him you had said the males were very poor lately. Perhaps you had better cable him.

Perhaps the other two would like to know what you say in your latest letter. I know nothing of my C.O.’s letter to the W.D. (War Department) about my allotments – – probably a routine thing that happens all the time. Of the four letters I find comments on only two. Your March 3rd letter tells of Dan’s meeting a Mr. Loveridge in France. Aunt Anne writes that Mike Gresham is out this way in a USO show “Three Men and a Horse”. I don’t remember him but when he gets here all certainly look him up. Your “pictorial thoughts” most certainly were not needed to create in me the desire to come home but you’ll never know how welcome they were.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the conclusion to this letter.

On Saturday more Special Pictures of the Trumbull House – Then and Now. On Sunday, the final Guest Post from GPCox titled There’ll Be A Hot Time…

Judy Guion



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