Trumbull (2) – News From Ced and Dave and Easter Greetings – March 31, 1946

Page 3    3/31/46

The pictures you sent some time ago were lost in transit between Okinawa and Manila so they were even more welcome than they would be ordinarily – – if that’s possible.

Ced sounds bitter in his letter which he winds up by saying if things keep going this way he’ll go to Sweden. Shame on you, Ced! Shame on me, to – – because if you go, stop by for me to. I’m slowly becoming more dissatisfied with the world in general and the U.S. in particular. I got a kick out of comparing the C-46 I was in (Army style) and Ced’s description of the civilian model of the Army’s C-47 – – bucket seats with space for parachute is a far cry from Ced’s “push-button stewardess”. Oh, for the life of a civilian! Now at last though I can console myself by saying, “it won’t be too long now.” The picture has changed slightly (naturally – – this being the Army). A message came through the other day slowing down discharge for me in my category slightly. It looks like it may be a month now before I start rolling and pitching my way toward the Golden Gate. See you soon. Dave.”

Yes, Dave, your power of attorney would have been good but the way we handled it was far simpler and quicker, as I would have had to get a photostat made and then looked up a notary and have him certify that it was a correct copy and that I was the person mentioned, etc.

And if you two fellows are bound for Sweden you may as well take me along as a chaperone not that I’m fed up with the U.S. yet but I do like to crab about some of the new deal heritage that is still largely responsible for the labor troubles and some of these other cranky bureaus we have trying to run things in Washington and succeeding only in making a bunch of it and making democracy look foolish to the rest of the world. I don’t believe it’s right to run away but rather for you young whippersnappers to see that the right kind of people are sent down to Washington. Of course I know that with all of us are bark is worse than our bite, but at that, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Dear Dan:

While we didn’t have the pleasure of a letter from you this week you may be interested to know that jointly with your Dad you have sent Easter cards to the S_____s Nest and to our friends in Drancy, and also a card on my own to rue de Temple (Paulette’s family). I sent an Easter card to Chiche some time ago. I am reminded of you because this afternoon Dick has been playing a bunch of old records on the phonograph (last week, we had last were able to get parts to fix up the phonograph in the alcove) in the closet reproduced on the radio loudspeaker. Dick has been laid up most of the week with an attack of trench mouth. He evidently picked up the germ when he went down to New York and Dr. Laszlo is treating him with penicillin, which by the way, is a very expensive remedy in the U.S. however, it seems to be effective as he is much better today. Lad and Marian have been spending most of the afternoon fixing  their room up, painting furniture, etc., for the “blessed event” as it draws nearer. My two oldest boys and their wives are simultaneously going through about the same experiences even though they are an ocean apart. We have been having some very pleasant spring weather here lately. The furnace is finally burned its last ounce of coal and while today the house has been a bit chilly, it is not unbearable. If there is anything I can do from this and to assist in getting the Dan Guion’s back to this country, write me explicitly what you want me to do and I will start my act. If it’s not too late when you get this, don’t forget to look up Sylvia and Doug Ward-Campbell. Their mail address is Bank of Montréal, 9 Waterloo Place, London, S.W.1.

Happy Easter to you boys, each of you, wherever you may be.




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