Special Picture # 333 – Trumbull House – Then and Now – Living Room Fireplace – 1947 – 2018

Recently I spent a night in the Trumbull House visiting with Paulette – Aunt Chiche to family and friends – and took quite a few pictures. For the next few Saturdays I will be posting pictures taken during this stay as well as older pictures of similar places taken over the years, when I have them. I hope you enjoy.


Living Room fireplace taken in 2018.


Picture of me while Lad was taking pictures for Lad and Marian’s 1957 Christmas Card


Christmas, 1947

L FR – Dan, behind him, L to R – Ced, Zeke (married to Biss), Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley, Marian (Irwin) Guion, Mrs. Lad), Grandpa.

Tomorrow, I will begin posting 52 weeks (I hope) of ancestors. The first will be Kemper Foster Peabody, 1861 – 

Next week, I’ll be posting letters written in 1944, when all the boys are away from home serving Uncle Sam. Dan is in London, Lad is in California, Ced is still in Fairbanks, Alaska, Dick is in Brazil and Dave is still in training.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Special Picture # 333 – Trumbull House – Then and Now – Living Room Fireplace – 1947 – 2018

  1. morganwerhen says:

    I loooove the china!

    • Judy Guion says:

      morganwerhen – I do too. I remember eating on that china throughout my first 18 years. After Grandpa passed away, the china was split up and given to family members. I now have several pieces and they bring back arm memories of living in that house and having 25-30 people for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Near the end, we actually had a grown-up table, a teenager table, an older children table and a younger children table, all scattered around the house. The youngest children had a table in the room that was the original the playroom for my Dad and his siblings when they first moved to Trumbull, over 95 years ago.

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