Friends – Letter to Ced From Peg – April 2, 1944

We’ve moved forward to 1944 when Lad and his new wife, Marian, are in California, Dan is in London but travels to Paris, Ced is in Alaska searching, rescuing and repairing planes, Dick is in Brazil in the liaison office of the local town and Dave os at Camp Crowder, Missouri, completing basic training.


BREEZEWAY                                                                                     LOWER SIESTA ROAD                                                              SARASOTA, FLORIDA


April 2nd

Dear Ced –

I can’t tell you how much good your letter did — it was like a fresh sea breeze, after the heavy, heavy notes of sympathy — it was such fun to read something written for the enjoyment of both of us, and my thanks are unbounded.

The letter I received from your father was one of the loveliest I have ever seen — he took the liberty of copying  Dave’s word to you the night ____ died, and that was one of the two things that really broke through the high, thick wall I have been able to build in the last year and a half to protect myself — there have been two things which seemed to stand out in people’s minds – first ____’s real courage and unfailing sense of honor; and secondly, the fact that so many people realized that ___ and I had something very rare — we have had 11 ½ years that have been very nearly perfect — and our knowledge that it could not last made it possible for us to never hurt each other in any way — I miss him, but somehow he seems to have left both his courage and honor behind for me when I so desperately need them —

I’m at the other end of this land now — visiting my favorite aunt and uncle for five days — This spot is ideal with three miles of gorgeous beach on the Gulf of Mexico. The walking on the sand is good company, and early to bed and early to rise, without a care in the world, have done me a great deal of good. I didn’t think I needed a rest, but the warm sun and swimming are giving me new life – I go from here to Pensacola to visit my brother, who is a lieutenant in the Navy — and doing some instructing at the Naval air station — then I get back to Trumbull the middle of April, to get our garden started –

Remember me to Rusty — I do very well remember him, and his paintings —

Thank you for writing, Ced –

Sincerely, Peg

Tomorrow, a letter from Dan in London, then one from Grandpa, one from Dave and on Friday, one from Marian.

Judy Guion 


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