Trumbull – Dear Gilbert & Sullivan (1) – Musings About Babies – July 14, 1946

Marian and Lad


Trumbull, Conn., July 14, 1946

Dear Gilbert & Sullivan:

Today as I lazily lay in bed and listened to the Sunday morning radio broadcasts, one program was devoted to selections from the Mikado followed by another which opened with a poem. The combination was too much for me, as witnesseth below:

The great “Ah Hem”

(with apologies to Sir Arthur)

Seated one day at my office

I was jotting down notes on my pad,

When the telephone Bell gently tinkled

And a voice said, “Dad, this is Lad.”

Now twixt boy and girl t‘was a question

As to which, so I said, “Who wins?”

And the father’s voice quietly answered:

“They both won, Dad, — it’s TWINS.”

It may be that Judith and Douglas

As they grow will astound us some more

It will take some time, tho’, I venture

To equal their first great score.

It may be that far in the future

This may happen to me again

But if so, I hope I can utter

More than a surprised “ah hem!’

Note: Grandpa didn’t live to see them, but he has 4 more sets of Fraternal twins and my own set of Identical twins as his descendants.

Both little tykes are coming along nicely. The father however has not quite recovered and has been feeling a bit under the weather for the last week with an upset alimentary canal. Judy is not yet home but reports indicate steady gain and possibly tomorrow or the next day she will join her little brother and Marian will be quite modern with her dual control. With Doug and Judy (I have been waiting for someone to dub them Punch and Judy) competing for the nightly bottle, I anticipate some unusual duets. How it brings back my own fatherhood days ! “Turn backward, turned backward, Oh Time in thy flight. Make me a boy again just for tonight “. Even with six of my own, I have never been able to overcome my surprise at how tiny the little chaps are. They grow fast, too fast almost, particularly when they pass their wee babyhood stage and begin to talk and toddle about. Luckily for Dan, his traveling days in the hinterlands of England, France and the Continent, which now keep him from full enjoyment of family life, seem likely to end just about the time baby Arla will begin to “sit up and take notice”. And that will make it all the more desirable for us to have the Dan Guions back home here again.

The Wardens have bought a lot down near the river beyond the Grange Hall on Pequonnock Street and are planning to get a house started this summer. I have told them Dan and his family will probably want to live in the apartment and if the Warden’s house is not ready they can move temporarily into the cottage and the Burrs will have to find some other place to stay.

And speaking of Dan, the expected letter arrived this week, along with two interesting photos of Chiche and baby. The latter looks chubby and while I cannot truthfully say “he looks just like his father”, I daresay others with more discernment than I possess will undoubtedly recognize a resemblance — they always do.

Tomorrow, page 2 of this letter and on Wednesday, page 3. Then another letter from Grandpa and one from Ced in Alaska.

Judy Guion


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