Life in Alaska – Dear Dad and all – Short Note From Ced – August 28, 1946



P. O. Box 822


28 Aug. 46

Dear Dad & all:

I now hold and A & E mechanics license, but still not a commercial pilot. I have done a lot of flying tho’, and should have nearly enough hours. Have to find a place to move to by Sunday of this weekend, so am frantically searching for any thing which will suffice. Car is in need of repairs also, and I have to do work on it before then so we can use it to move with, then must cut this very short. Rusty came into Anchorage for a few days – looks fine and I think the Barrow stay did him good. Leonard and Marian send regards. I sent more promises of future and better letters.

Must close now as time and tired feet (?) try on the wild winds.

Oh yes, I may be in the armed forces of uncle Sammy by the middle of next month unless the company is able to gain another deferment for me.

My love to all – and wish I could be there to slap Aunt Betty on the back and spar around with the Junior members of the  A.P. Guions. Kick Dick in the pants for me.


Thanks again dad for the pan but am glad you were not able to get one at those other Reynolds 27 pens.

Tomorrow, a letter from Dave to his father on the Island, reporting on the weekly business.

On Saturday, another installment of the Voyage to California by John Jackson Lewis.

On Sunday, another of My Ancestors.

Judy Guion

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