Life in Alaska – Two short notes From Ced – November 8, 1946

Since Ced was making payments to Grandpa – I’m not sure what the payments were for – I believe he included a check with this note.

Dear Dad,

In great haste.

Letter later.



This is probably the later letter,


Friday afternoon

Dear Papa,

Seems as tho’ I must owe you money in order to send you a letter – nothing to prove otherwise yet, is there? I apologize again and admit you are right as to how it happened. At least I had money in the bank this time.

My plans as proposed in the last letter are somewhat upset. The income tax is 20% up to $2500, 22% up to $4500 and 26% up to $6500. this additional 4% is not as bad as I had supposed, but it looks as though I’m going to have a pretty heavy whack taken out anyway. Hope the “pay-as-you-go” plan will remove sufficient amounts so I won’t have a big bill to pay in March.

Looks now as tho’ I won’t be home till next summer. But now can’t tell it will be any day at all.

When ever it is, I might arrive there with Ginger, the new female in my life. She is brown haired, hazel eyed and sooo affectionate. Her age of course is only three months and her pedigree about like Mac’s,  but she is not as big as Mac and won’t be. I know her mother and that is as smart a dog as I’ve known in spite of her definite Heinz ancestry. If Ginger is half as smart as her mama, she’ll be a brilliant dog.

The ski rally is set for next Wednesday night and I’m chairman of the entertainment committee and must get to work on it right away.

Hopkins asked to be remembered to you and are fine. Nothing from Rusty lately – his address is Ester Creek, Fairbanks, Alaska.

My very best to all of you –


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the last letter I have. It is to Ced from a childhood friend, living in Brooklyn, NY.

In January, I will begin the story at the beginning with  Reminiscences of Alfred Duryee Guion, starting with an introduction and his memories of growing up in Mount Vernon, New York at the end of the 19th Century. When the children start entering his life, I will add their childhood memories, which gives you a glance into the early years of these letter-writers. 

Judy Guion





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