Trumbull – Guion Christmas Card – 1960 – VIGNETTES OF LIFE

ADG - 1960 Christmas card - Vignettes of Life - opening

Wayward Donna succeeded in completely wrecking grandpa’s Florida trailer but spared the New Hampshire Island retreat at Lake Winnipesaukee.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Grandpa Arrives Home From Florida

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Lad and Marian

Lad, Marian and four children (two now teen agers) are each helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

Notes – the name “FROUGE” on the flatbed and the steam shovel our references to Lad’s work for the Frouge Construction Company as a large Machine Mechanic. The sign in the upper right states, “to Marian’s Kindergarten School”, which she’s set up in our church because the town did not provide kindergarten classes. The two children on the right, watching, are my twin brother and I. The boy on the scooter, carrying a baseball bat, is my younger brother who was an accomplished baseball player, and my little sister is riding her bike. 

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dan and Chiche

Dan continues to take engineering problems in his stride with time to spare to join Chiche (Paulette)  in community activities, P.T.A., etc., along with caring for five active youngsters. You can see Dan has sights set on new subdivision expected in May.

Notes: Dan is shown using the equipment he regularly uses as a surveyor, his wife is bringing him a hot lunch, reference to her abilities in the kitchen, each of the streets are named after the four children they currently have and the “new subdivision” references a fifth child due the following May.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Ced and Fannie

Ced and Fanny have started on a new life and business in Keene, New Hampshire. The future looks bright for little Artie and Neil and their devoted parents.

Notes: the large helicopter and the name “Sikorsky” on the right reference where Ced had been working, the two smaller helicopters are emblazoned with the names of his children and “UNITED RENT-ALL” is the name of the business he and wife Fanny have started in Keene New Hampshire.

,ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dick and Jean

Notes: “Scott & Williams Knitting Machines” is where Dick works in Meredith, New Hampshire, not far away from our island on Lake Winnipesaukee. Jean is pictured with their two daughters.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Biss and Zeke

Notes: this picture has Biss picking Zeke up at work from the Singer Sewing Machine Company with both boys and their sister in the back seat.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Dave and Ellie

Notes: Dave, Ellie and their son are standing outside the Remington-Rand Company, where Dave works and are looking at a billboard announcing the adoption of their baby daughter.

ADG - 1960 Christmas message from Grandpa


To paraphrase a well-known verse;

“The world is so full of serious things

We should all now try to be happy as kings”

– – not that I believe the few remaining monarchs still enthroned these days are particularly happy, but it would seem worthwhile to forget for a moment the world tensions and crises and take time out to view our own little family circle activities in a lighter vein.

So in a spirit of good-willto all, I offer this family review believing you will discern between the lines a sincere hope – – a personal wish – – that this sacred season for you may be a truly joyous oneof peace and contentment within your own family circle. The older I get the more important such things seem to be.

AD Guion

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Santa

I’ll finish out the week with two more unique Christmas Cards created by Grandpa.

Judy Guion



10 thoughts on “Trumbull – Guion Christmas Card – 1960 – VIGNETTES OF LIFE

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Wow…this is awesome! Did he do the drawings as well?

  2. The style of the line drawings looks so familiar. I don’t whether I’ve seen this illustrator’s work before or whether the style was popular for the time period.

  3. GP Cox says:

    Fantastic, Judy!

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