Trumbull – Guion Christmas Card – 1962 – An Old Fashioned Christmas

ADG - 1962 Christmas Card - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - front

ADG - 1962 Christmas Card - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - message

Remember that Christmas morning thrill, when you came downstairs and Mom opened the door to the parlor or living room and you caught your first glimpse of the Tree and all the presents underneath?

Whatever happy reminiscences these times call to mind: whatever memories they bring of a glad world crowded with friendly folks and important happenings – that is the kind of Christmas I would wish again for you this year.

And speaking of bi-going days, reproduced inside is the first page of a Bridgeport newspaper published at Christmastide in the year of my birth.

As a former advertising man, I found it interesting to note the names of some merchants who are still advertising their wares in a Bridgeport newspaper after the passing of 78 years.

Even if you have to dig up a magnifying glass to read the fine print, you will be surprised to note that the D. M. Reas of that day advertised a December 15 sale on December 26, and by coincidence another Reid John H., Conducted a jewelry business on Main Street, still being run by the same family today under the name of Reid and Todd.

So much for Christmas three quarters of a century ago. Your good-will, expressed in so many kindly ways (and it has been, you know), makes me want to hope that your 1962 holiday season may be a right glad some one.

Al Guion

ADG - 1962 Christmas Card - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Newspaper ads

Tomorrow, another segment of the Voyage to California by John Jackson Lewis in 1851.

On Sunday, more information about the Rev. Elijah and Clara Guion and their children in New Orleans.

Next week, Grandpa’s Christmas Cards on Monday and Tuesday, then Special Pictures for the rest of the week.

Judy Guion


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