Army Life – Dear Dad, Aunt Betty and Jean From Marian – Pomona to Jackson – August 28, 1944

WaKeeny, Kansas,_Kansas

Saturday night

Marian Irwin Guion at Trumbull - 1945 (cropped)

Dear Dad, Aunt Betty and Jean –

Something tells me that this letter should be a clever epistle, containing references to cross country pioneering, etc. etc., but I’m afraid I don’t have the time or energy to think of something suitable. But I do want you to know that so far we have had a pretty good trip, we are making good time, the car and trailer are holding together, and that I am getting nearer and nearer to Jackson, Miss. (Hallelujah !!! It can’t be too soon for me)

We are traveling across the country by way of Route 40 and then will turn south at Kansas City and go practically straight down to Jackson (and I do mean Jackson – not the other place you might be thinking of –. Something tells me they are both alike in one respect – the weather). Except for the first two days, we have had a very nice trip. We had to get a new exhaust pipe the first day, and a new thermostat the second. But that is all and now the car is behaving beautifully. Incidentally, Lad doesn’t know about the new parts I had to get – I was afraid he might worry about the car and the shape it might be in, so I’m waiting until I can see him to tell him about it. He has enough to think about already. He left on Monday, by troop train, and I think they should have arrived today (Sat.) Surely they will be there by tomorrow, at the very latest. We expect to arrive in Jackson on Tuesday, if all goes well.

It has been a steady trip, but not particularly tiring. So far we have had excellent luck in getting gas and finding a place to stay each night. We hope our luck continues.

We have been through some very beautiful country. The Salt Lake desert is very hot and dry, but the past two days have been cool and comfortable. In fact, this morning we were downright cold. We were going through the Rockies and at one time, were at an elevation of 11,315 feet.

Will write and let you know our new address as soon as possible. We are keeping our fingers crossed hoping that we will be able to find a decent place to stay in Jackson. The uncertainty of the housing situation just adds a little interest to our travels. So far we have been very lucky.

With all my love,


P.S. – Isn’t Camp Crowder near Neosho, Mo?  ( )We are going through Neosho, and if I had any way of finding Dave in a hurry, I’d love to stop and meet him. But knowing Army camps as I do, I’ll have to wait, I guess for a more opportune time. I’m really sorry, coming so close to his camp and not being able to stop –


Tomorrow, I’ll begin posting Voyage to Venezuela, a trip Lad took in 1939 similar in the beginning to the one taken by John Jackson Lewis. The beginning of this trip is a complicated story of how Lad got a job in Venezuela and the bureaucratic process necessary before his trip actually began. Lad did not suffer from sea sickness as much as John Jackson Lewis did, so so we have a little more information on the trip.  Lad, in his typical attention to detail, gives us quite a visual experience. I hope you enjoy it.

I find it interesting that Lad and Marian’s great-grandfather took a similar trip eighty-eight years apart.

Judy Guion


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