Voyage to Venezuela (1) – Letters of Recommendation – December, 1938 – January, 1939

This is the  beginning of a series of posts concerning Lad’s Voyage to Venezuela, taking a similar route as John Jackson Lewis during the first portion of his journey, about 88 years later. Lad and Dan had been hired by their Uncle Ted Human (husband of Helen (Peabody) Human, Aunt Helen), sister of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, Grandpa’s wife who had passed away in 1933 after a long illness.

The following are documents my Dad had to obtain and/or deliver before he even set foot on the ship that would carry him to Venezuela. Dan had gone through this same process in September and October of 1938.


  Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

I really don’t know the specifics of how it came about that both Lad and Dan went to work for INTERAMERICA, Inc. in Venezuela.  My guess is that Grandpa’s brother-in-law, Ted Human (married to Arla (Peabody) Guion’s sister Helen) a Civil Engineer, was hired and then probably spoke to Grandpa about bringing Lad, the mechanic, and Dan, the surveyor, down to Venezuela ass employees of the company.

Ted Human and Dan traveled by boat to Caracas, Venezuela, at some point in October, 1938.  Lad was given authorization to purchase all the necessary tools he would need and then transport them and himself to Venezuela.

As with any trip to a foreign country, there was quite a bit of paperwork to be completed before Lad set sail in December, 1938.  For the next few weeks I will be posting copies of the necessary documents.


Wolverine Motor Works, Inc. by Albert M. Hagan, Chief Engineer, October 24, 1938



TRUMBULL COACH LINES, INC. by Daniel M. Wells, owner, December 12, 1938


Trumbull Chief of Police by Alfred D. Guion (also First Selectman), December 14, 1938

Tomorrow, I an scheduled to begin a series of Posts about Marian (Dunlap) Irwin’s Ancestors. At this point, I do not have much information so I will postpone this post for a week with the hope of gathering more information.

On Monday, I plan on doing a post to honor Grandpa’s five sons who all served in the Army during World War II.

Judy Guion


6 thoughts on “Voyage to Venezuela (1) – Letters of Recommendation – December, 1938 – January, 1939

  1. Valerie says:

    So interesting to see those character references: it makes one very proud to read this kind of testimonial, doesn’t it.

  2. I’ve been curious about this part of the story.

    • Judy Guion says:

      Liz, my plan is to only post entries until Lad arrives in Venezuela. Then this story will continue after I finish the Childhood Memories of the children, the death of their mother, Arla (Peabody) Guion and a period in 1934 when Elizabeth (Biss to friends and family) goes to Florida to live with her Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley after her mother dies and she is having a difficult time adjusting. At that point, when Lad and Dan go to Venezuela, Grandpa’s letters started in earnest and go on for almost eight years. I am trying to keep to the chronological order of all the letters, photos and memorabilia Grandpa and my Dad saved. Have patience. You will get the WHOLE Package.

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