My Ancestors (36 and 37) – Edith May Lewis and Homer Marchant Rider continued

Last June I read about a Challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, and I was intrigued. I decided to take up the challenge. Some Ancestors may take more than one week, but I still intend to write about 52 Ancestors. I hope you enjoy reading about My Ancestors as much as I am looking forward to researching and writing about them.

(1) Edith May (Lewis) Rider; (2) Marian Edith (Rider) Irwin; (3) Marian Dunlap (Irwin) Guion; (4) Judith Anne Guion

Edith May (Lewis) Rider

The following is a section of a letter written by Edith May Lewis to her daughter, Marian Rider Irwin, my mother’s mother, when she (Edith May Lewis) was in her 80s.

Grandpa Rider’s name was Dickamon Allen Rider.  He was from near Bennington, Vermont – and his older brother was Homer Rider – he had dark, very curly hair from picture – I think like Don’s ( my mother’s brother, Donald Irwin).  Mrs. Harnell, who knew the Riders when they came 1st to Cal. – Said Homer was a very nice looking boy – I think they were 22, 20 and 18 – Homer, Dick and Jesse.  She was very fond of Homer – said he was always kind – thoughtful – so neat and clean – and that the pictures didn’t look at all like him – except for the curly hair – He was drowned in the Feather River (I think it was) tho’ he was a very good swimmer.  The youngest was not well – so he went back home and later settled in Chicago.  The Harnell’s were from N.Y. state, very close to the Vermont line – where the Riders lived – I think the 3 – anyway the two older ones – boarded with them – She (Mrs. H.) was at the ranch for a visit when Alice was a baby

Mine is: born June 21, 1863 – Blue Earth Co., Minnesota

My father, John Jackson Lewis was born April 27, 1825 in Delaware.

My mother, Margaret Ann Wilde was born August 22, 1844 in New York City

Margaret Ann Wilde’s parents were William Wilde born in New York State.  He married Joanne Burke, born in England in 1825.  I will continue to read through the information from various members of my mother’s family together more information about these and other individuals.  I have a document that needs further research but it claims that the riders were descendants of William Bradford, Governor of Massachusetts from 1621 to 1650.  When I can verify the details I will let you know.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in 1944.  At this point all 5 boys are in the service of Uncle Sam.  Grandpa continues his weekly letters keeping everyone informed about the lives of his sons who are away from home. 

Judy Guion


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