Voyage to Venezuela (8) – Day Two on the Santa Rosa – January 31, 1938

This is the  beginning of a series of posts concerning Lad’s Voyage to Venezuela, taking a similar route as John Jackson Lewis during the first portion of his journey, about 88 years later. Lad and Dan had been hired by their Uncle Ted Human (husband of Helen (Peabody) Human, Aunt Helen), sister of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, Grandpa’s wife who had passed away in 1933 after a long illness. This is Lad’s version of the adventure he was taking and the same trip Dan had taken earlier in the year, traveling with Ted Human to South America.

Saturday, which was the 31st, I spent in meeting and talking to people that seemed to be doing the same thing, reading in the lounge and doing a little writing.  That evening there was to be a welcoming dinner and for the first time I realized that I really did not have the type of clothes with me that the largest percent of the people on board were going to wear for the supper.  I nearly decided to have my dinner sent to my room when I met a fellow who was coming down to the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. camp in Pariaguan, who was in the same fix that I was, so we decided that we might as well go and departed to our respective rooms to don our best clothes.

We met again before supper and went in together and although a few people seemed to regret that we were not dressed in “tales”, it wasn’t so terribly embarrassing after all.  After the supper, there was a movie, a new picture that had not yet been released, and then everyone went to the Club Room for the New Year’s Eve party that was to be held.  As is usually the case with New Year’s Eve parties, by 12:00 the majority of those present were under the weather and immediately after the toasts to a better and happier New Year, the room became exceptionally quiet and more than one person was helped to his room.  Since the sea had been smooth all day and was still smooth, those who blamed the rolling of the ship for their difficulty in navigating from the bar to the tables looked a little foolish to me.  I retired at about 3:00 A.M.

Tomorrow, more information about some of Marian’s ancestors.

Next week I will continue the story of the children’s early memories of Trumbull.

Judy Guion

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