My Ancestors (51 and 52) – Elisha Bradford (1667-1747) and Bathsheba LeBrocke (1703-1758)


Last June I read about a Challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, and I was intrigued. I decided to take up the challenge. Some Ancestors may take more than one week, but I still intend to write about 52 Ancestors. I hope you enjoy reading about My Ancestors as much as I am looking forward to researching and writing about them. 

Governor William Bradford; (2) Joseph Bradford; (3)Elisha Bradford; (4)Laurana Bradford; (5) Hannah McFarland; (6) Jennings Rider; (8)Dickerman Allen Rider; (9) Dickamon Allen Rider; (10) Marian Edith Rider; (11) Marian Dunlap Irwin; (12)Judith Anne Guion

Two weeks ago, as I was going through the Lewis, Rider, Irwin folder where I started collecting information on these families in 1975, I came across a piece of paper that I had either forgotten about or did not notice.  It was sent to me by my mother’s sister, Margaret (Irwin) Mitchell Sedberry.  Her note at the bottom says, “This is from Virginia Rider, and she wrote, “You are now Mayflower descendants.”

I had known that my three daughters were Mayflower descendants through their father but never knew of my connection.  Needless to say I went exploring on the Internet.  For the next few Sundays I will be following this line from Governor William Bradford to Dickermon (various records have different spellings for this name) Allen Rider (1832 – 1904), whose descendants I have covered on previous Sundays.

(1) Elisha Bradford; (2)Laurana (Bradford) McFarland; (3) Hannah (McFarland) Rider; (4) Jennings Rider; (5) Dickeman Allen Rider; (6) Dickamon Allen Rider, (7) Homer Marchant Rider; (8) Marian Edith  (Rider) Irwin; (9) Mairian Dunlop (Irwin) Guion; (10) Judith Anne Guion

Elisha Bradford, son of Joseph Bradford and Jael Hobart, was born about 1667. He married (1) Hannah Cole and (2) Bathsheba LeBrocke. Elisha and Bathsheba had fifteen children:

Hannah Bradford (1720 – 1758)

Joseph Bradford (1721 – 1743)

Sylvanus Bradford (1023 – 1723)

Nehemiah Bradford (1724 – 1747)

Laurana (Bradford) McFarlane (or McFarland) (1726 -1782)

Mary Bradford (1727 – 1727)

Elisha Bradford Jr. (1729 – 1753)

Lois Bradford (1731 – 1752)

Deborah (Bradford) Sampson (1732 – 1811)

Alice Bradford (1734 – 1795)

Azenath (or Asenath) (Bradford) Packard 1736 – 1818)

Carpenter Bradford (1739 – 1823)

Abigail Bradford (1741 – 1760)

Chloe Bradford (1743 – 1747)

Content Bradford (1745 – 1745)

Their daughter, Laurana Bradford married Elijah McFarland on Nov 14, 1718.

Next Sunday, more about Laurana (Bradford) McFarland and her husband, Elijah McFarland.

Tomorrow I’ll begin a week of Childhood Memories of Trumbull.

Judy Guion






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