Trumbull – Dear Sons (2) – This is a Joint Letter – January 6, 1939

Alfred D Guion (Grandpa)

Pg. 2     1/6/39

Lad, I don’t think you will ever realize how much of a burden your generous offer has lifted from my shoulders.  I didn’t want to say too much about my feelings just before you left, but just that day I had received a call from Charlie Kurtz making quite a strong bid that I do something to pay back that long-standing debt.  I explained how short of cash I was because of interest and insurance premium payments being due and the fact that outfitting you boys had left me particularly short of cash, what with the Christmas season and all.  I pointed out that I had been able to reduce the debt from $1200 to a bit over $300, but he said the latter looked pretty big to him right now.  I still have to clean up about $100 each on Doctor Patterson for Mother’s operation and the undertaker, and Miss Hawley’s unpaid bill is still some $80.00 and with what I am able to put aside from my Selectmen’s salary, plus your generous contribution, I hope I can get these all cleaned up before 1940 rolls around.  I wish I could have refused to take advantage of your unselfish action, but I would like very much to get out from under these debts that have been hanging over my head for so many years.  As I told you, aside from current living expenses, it cost about $40 a month additional just for carrying charges such as taxes, interest on mortgage, fire insurance, etc., on property which will all belong to you children someday, and when you are each in position to do so, it seems only fair that this total should be divided up between you all, each one paying one-sixth, unless of course, things with me improve so that I can take care of it all myself without any of you assuming any of the burden.  You each have your own way to make and it’s too bad your old Dad can’t arrange to let you do that unimpeded by family needs.  However, enough of this.  You didn’t go to Venezuela to be pursued financially from home.

Ced has gotten practically all the smaller pieces of wood sawn up and is now starting on the bigger trunks.  He went up to get Whitney’s engine the other day and after fooling around with the coil, finally got it to working.  We ought to have a bigger diameter saw to really do a good job on the bigger diameter pieces of wood.  However we may decide to saw what we can with the circular saw and finished off with the hand saw.

A new First Aid instruction class started at the Town Hall last night, under the direction of Joe Soucup. Ced has joined along with some twenty-two others.

New Year’s Eve, Justice of the Peace Guion joined in wedlock one James O’Brien, once known as “Buster”, to a Miss Raleigh Lineberry of Bristol.  Witnesses were his sister Adele and her husband.  While the knot was being tied Art Mantle and Arvin Zabel dropped in to see their old friend hitched.

Well, I guess that will hold until I get some more news to our Venezuelan branch of the family.

Love and kisses from


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,two letters from Lad in Venezuela.

Judy Guion


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