Memories of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion – 1892 – 1933


Arla Peabody Guion on the Island in New Hampshire

Arla Mary Peabody Guion

Grandpa and his wife Arla had friends all over the country and even abroad. Arla passed away at the end of June but here we are in July and August and the news is still spreading. Friends are just finding out and writing to Grandpa expressing their grief and consoling him for his great loss.


24 July 1933

Dear Al –

I need not tell you how profoundly I was shocked when the news of Arla’s death reached me – I had no idea but that she was in the best of health. I remember her as such and mark this as an example of radiant health and tranquility. Your household has always been to me the perfect example of the best in American family life, and it was Arla’s example, her serenity, her grasp of the fundamentals of life and disregard for its trivialities, that set the seal on it.

Yours, really sincerely,



My dear Alfred

This morning’s mail brought a letter from Rudolf telling of having had word from Helen Perry of Arla’s going in June. I find it hard to believe that it can be true for when I was in Wisconsin, Aunt Mary had heard from Lawrence (Peabody) that Arla was better. Some of us had had word that she had been dangerously ill, though Arla herself had written us that she had not been well. About Christmas time I had a note from her saying that she hoped sometime this summer you all might drive down to visit us, and I have had it in my mind to write, these last few days, and suggest that there isn’t a great deal of summer left, and that the country is very pretty now. If it would interest you and the children, I would still be most happy to have you come. This is lovely country – the hills would, I know, be very good for weary hearts and souls. If you should come before September 1, I have a house in the country where you and the boys could have things your own way, while Elizabeth could be with me in my apartment in town. In fact, I think I could take care of two women, if Helen or your sister wanted to come.

I have been a gypsy this summer. Friends who are abroad gave me the use of their house and I have been living out there in the country for three weeks and shall stay until the 22nd when I hope to come into a new apartment in town, so right now I have the responsibility of three places. All this to let you know what to expect, and I shall be so happy if you decide you want to come.

One of the bright spots in my life was a lovely Thanksgiving that Rudolf and I spent with you and Arla and your family. It was a rare experience, for to me, yours and Arla’s house was one of the loveliest it has been my privilege to be in. Ever since that visit I have felt deeply flattered at the thought that any of the family had felt there was any resemblance between Arla and me. Not much I’m afraid, but I should like to think there might have been some small excuse for the thought.

Rudolph will have written you I am sure, so he has told you probably of what he is doing. He has married a lovely girl and they both seem very happy at the prospect of making no income go a long way. It will take a lot of scheming but I feel sure that it would not have been right for them to have postponed the wedding any longer.

My very deepest sympathy to you all – and I would so love to have you all drive down some time –


Ruth D. Voer

354 Spruce Street

Morgantown, W. Va.

August fifteenth

Tomorrow more Memories of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion. On Monday I will begin a week of letters written in 1939. Lad and Dan have been in Venezuela for a few months but there seems to be trouble brewing because the men are not being paid as promised.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Memories of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion – 1892 – 1933

  1. AJ says:

    One of the best legacies from our parents and grandparents are the letters they wrote. They give a glimpse of, not only of how it was back then, but what they were as their younger selves. My parents also left a box-full of correspondences written when they were still engaged until the first few years of their marriage. Being the youngest in the family, I knew them as mature and eventually elderly parents. When I read their letters, sometimes I am shocked at how different they were in their youth. I wish I knew them then, or at least, asked them when they were still alive. Anyway I’m rambling. Sorry I made this post about me.

    • Judy Guion says:

      AJ – You have stated exactly why I Blog. This amazing generation is slowly – or more quickly – being forgotten, along with the ideals and principles that were the bedrock of their lives. Written words convey so much of the person. My Mom’s letters (Marian) shows her positive and bubbly personality. That is why I include pictures of some letters so you the reader can see what her handwriting reveals about her (I do this for other family members as well). Grandpa’s letters are typed so I don’t include pictures of his letters very often. You sound as though you are my target audience. Would you share my blog with friends and family? By the way, do not apologize, making your comment about you and how you feel is exactly the kind of feedback I want. Thank you for sharing.

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