Friends – Dear Lad – A letter to Lad From Arnold Gibson – March 7, 1939

             Arnold Gibson (Gibby)

Mar. 7, 1939

Long Hill, Ct.

Dear Lad:

Am at last answering your very welcome letter.  I, too, am sorry I wasn’t able to see you off, but you no doubt heard of my being left in Florida, and having to hitch-hike home without any money or warm clothes.

I can easily understand your desire to do some driving.

Speaking of missing people, Laddie, I get the damnedest feeling whenever I see your Packard on the road!  It seems impossible that you are not in or near it.  And now I have no sympathetic ear from my mechanical troubles and theories, also I can’t rouse too much interest in future trips which you are not included.     I’ve been unable to get Rusty’s ear as yet, and the trip to Alaska alone is not too inviting.

As for Babe, she misses you too — when something goes wrong with her car!  I put in a new speedometer cable for her a while ago.

From mine and various letters from you and Dan, I am getting a fair idea of your surroundings.  You must find many things of interest.  I envy you.

I have had no steady job as yet but have managed to keep the wolf from the door by various auto repair jobs.  I just installed dual generators of 60 amp.capacity on Ives’s Packard.

Mr. Pratt has just made me a pair of new oak rear doors for NOMAD I.  I think they will outlast her.  The Runtel rear end is installed and operates to perfection.  I’ve also installed a priming valve and moved the intake for the oil pump so as to give very satisfactory circulation.  I’ve also wired up the pilot and body lights, re-wired the rest, put on a winter front and made several minor improvements so that (except for much needed new rear tires) she is ready for most anything.

Carl leased the station Mar. 1st and is now a very busy “buisyness” man indeed.

If your Uncle ever needs a general specialist why please recommend me!  (I mean it)

As soon as this is sealed I’ll recollect dozens of important things, but now they evade me.

Your letters are always most welcome, Valedor. (Spanish – brave, protector)

Aloha, nui.


P.S. I hope three cents postage is proper.

Tomorrow and Sunday, more from Biss and her St. Petersburg Adventure.

Judy Guion


3 thoughts on “Friends – Dear Lad – A letter to Lad From Arnold Gibson – March 7, 1939

  1. GP Cox says:

    Received your card yesterday. Thank you very much!!

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