Peabodys and Duryees – Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human Writes to Lad – March 16, 1939

Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human

March 16, 1939

Dear Lad-

To-day your father got a letter from you which he showed to me.  When I returned to Trumbull from New York, I learned that he had not been kept informed during that period, which was definitely a mistake — I had requested that those letters from you and Mr. Rudolph  be opened here by Gr. P (Grandma Peabody) and for Cedric to telephone highlights of letters to me in N.Y. She did not realize that your father should have been given information.  I guess she didn’t know he hadn’t heard from you.  Anyway it is all straightened out now — only I am sorry that it went as it did, when you specifically, in one letter, asked that he be told you wouldn’t be writing for a while.

Your last letter, which arrived last Saturday, came shortly after I had mailed one to you.  Thanking you again so much for your reports on T.H. Jr. I am so glad he is getting along well.  I’ve had two notes from him to date, so I feel lots better.  I imagine it will be some time before he will be really strong.

I said nothing until a recent letter to him, about the fact that I was staying in New York — I had no idea how long I would be there, but I wanted to stay until he was really well on the road to recovery and to be close to telephone communications in New York.  I can tell you that I was completely bewildered and lost for a while, which can’t compare with what he has gone through and must have suffered.  Also, I can tell you that things are very much brighter than they were four weeks ago.  Perhaps from the money angle things are much brighter than they were four months ago!  Have you got your 12 Bs. (12 Bolivars) back yet? I hope you are still able to buy cigarettes.  It’s bad enough not to have enough food, but cigarettes !! One can’t live without them.

we’ll try to get some more of the enclosed for you — maybe for the next letter that goes.

I am glad you had a chance to see Daniel, even if it was only for a little while — he is so isolated that I think at times it bothers him quite a bit, but his family gets very amusing and interesting letters in spite of that.

The best of luck to you and success — I hope you like Venezuela — do you really, or don’t you?

As always,

Helen Human

Tomorrow and Sunday I will continue the World War II Army Adventure as Dave  is nearing transfer from Basic Training at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts, to some unknown location.

Judy Guion


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