World War II Army Adventure (12) – Dear Dad (2) – Finished First Week of Basic – February 27, 1944

This is the continuation of the letter I posted yesterday.


David Peabody Guion

In charge of each platoon, (a barracks – about 53 men) there is a shavetail (Second Lieutenant).  Ours is a new man, just out of O.C.S. I think, and like Cpl. Keep, isn’t quite at home leading and ordering a bunch of rookies around.  He’s an all-right guy. Lt. Wall has charge of our platoon (2nd), as I said before, then there’s Sgt. Chinn (who actually leads the platoon – I’ve seen Lt. Wall seeking Chinn’s advice on certain things) and then Cpl. McGrath, and finally Cpl. Keep – who reminds me a bit of Gary Cooper.

Saturday is a big day around here.  We have barracks, rifle (which is plenty tough), and personal and foot-locker inspection’s on Saturday.  Everything is spotless – especially that old Enfield rifle.

There’s plenty of recreation here – movies (we get a lot of these before they are released for public consumption), 3 Service Clubs, each Company has a day-room (which has a piano that gets plenty of exercise), and of course we have PX’s.

Even KP isn’t bad here.  I was on KP last Tuesday – just routine detail – not punishment of any sort.  I spent most of Tuesday in the pantry munching on cookies, dried apricots and what-have-you.

I still haven’t heard from Lad.  I do hope you can get a weekend off to come up here to pay me a visit.  I also wish that said had known where I was when he left home.  He could have gotten a train from St. Louis to Camp Crowder, and a bus from here to Texarkana.

I don’t know how much of the things I’ve told you above, I told you last week, but I can’t remember what I write from one week to the next.  For instance, I remember now that it was El (Elinor Kintop, Dave’s girlfriend and future bride) that I told about the  Sgt. catching me looking out on the road.  Or did I tell you, too? See what I mean?

Well, that’s all for today.  Remember, this week has been easy and next week may be easy to; but if you don’t hear from me, it won’t be because I’m not thinking of you all up at Ye Olde Homestead; it will simply mean that I just haven’t got the time.  My love to all – even Smoky.  Maybe someday, I’ll get around to writing Jean and Aunt Betty separately, but for now all I can do is to write to the whole bunch (all 3).

Love again,




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