Venezuelan Adventure (20) – Lighting the Fire (4) – April 3, 1939

My grandfather is fed up with the way his sons are being treated in Venezuela so he’s decided to do something about it. He shoots off a barrage of letters to  government officials in Venezuela to light a fire under someone.


    Alfred Duryee Guion – (Grandpa) – in the Alcove                           where he typed his letters

April 3, 1939

Mesars Solhuster and Feudillo

Edificio Venezuela

Caracas Venezuela

Attention of Mr. Traviero


My two sons Alfred P and Daniel B Guion are, and have for some months, been employed by Inter-America, Inc. in Venezuela. Up to March 30th when I last heard from them, they have not been paid any salary whatsoever for their services, which in Daniel’s case covers a 5 1/3 months period.

I have been in frequent touch with the New York office of Inter-America, Inc. and have been able to obtain only in definite promises of payment “sometime in the future”. I have finally decided they are too unreliable to deal with, in fact it looks to me as though the company is insolvent, and there is grave doubt that they will be able to pay even the fare of their employees back to the United States.

As I have been informed that you are legal representative and agent of Inter-America, Inc. in Venezuela, I am writing to ask if you will inform me definitely what the situation is. It seems only fair that I should take this step rather than start any formal proceedings with the federal authorities in Washington.

Will you please, therefore, write me as to what assurance I can rely upon that my sons will not be left stranded in Venezuela by Mr. Maxudian’s company.

Very sincerely yours,

Alfred D Guion


On the back of a copy of this letter sent to Lad, Grandpa as a personal note:

Lad – As a friendly act I am passing on canceled Ven. stamps on your letters to stamp collector.  If you can very of the denominations occasionally to make up the total postage I would have more stamps and a greater variety. ADG

Tomorrow and on Sunday I will be posting more of the World War II Army Adventures of my Uncle Dave, who is at Camp Crowder in Missouri for training.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Venezuelan Adventure (20) – Lighting the Fire (4) – April 3, 1939

  1. Valerie says:

    “…It seems only fair that I should take this step rather than start any formal proceedings with the federal authorities in Washington.” – the “However…” remains unstated!

    An excellent series of formal letters, thank you for sharing them.

    • Judy Guion says:

      Valerie – Thank you for the comment. Yes, Grandpa had a gift for the English language, knew how to get his point across without accusations and wasn’t afraid to go up against a problem when he felt very strongly about injustice. He set a wonderful example for his children and grandchildren. Now he waits for the outcome. Was the “fire” big enough to get attention? We shall see.

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