World War II Army Adventure (35)- Letter From Jim McClinch, United States Navy – June 15, 1944

My uncle, David Peabody Guion, enlisted in the Army and was sworn in on January 15th, 1944. He is currently at Camp Crowder, Missouri.  It seems that Dave will have missed seeing Jim McClinch and Stanley Feller when he gets to Trumbull.

David Peabody Guion

Thursday    15-44

Dear Dave,

Well, I left dear old Sampson and got myself 5 days delayed orders. I had a hell of a time for 5 whole days, and here’s why, Stanley Feller was home.First time in 17 months and I was out with him for 5 whole days.

I’m telling you, Dave, I saw more women in those 5 days than I did in my whole life. God Damn, but Stan has turned to be an awful wolf. And he is funnier than all hell.

This place is a hell hole and don’t let anyone tell you any different. We hav to take more shit here than we had to take at Sampson for 6 months. And it also is a filthy place. The damn walls are alive with cock roaches and other undesirable insects.

In about 5 minutes I’ll have to go out anad run my ass of ragged for about 2 hours. — Physical Marching, you know. I’ll be a physical wreck before I leave this place. — believe me.

Give a little prayer that I get assigned to a ship and to hell off thhis base — it’s driving me batty.

There goes that damn bugle so I’ll have to “shove off” for now, but I’ll be “cruising in” again soon. Write soon, will you, “Salty”?

Your Sailing Buddy,


Tomorrow, another letter from Ethel Sjoberg.

Judy Guion



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