World War II Army Adventure (43) – Dear Dad – I’ve Just Transferred – July 19, 1944

My Uncle Dave is at Camp Crowder, Missouri, receiving additional training before being sent overseas. He has done a very good job of letting those at home know about his thoughts and activities.

David Peabody Guion 


19 July 1944

Dear Dad –

I’ve just transferred – my new address – as always – is the same except that rather than being D-36, it’s nowD-31.  I just ate noon Chow with the boys and they seem like a darn nice gang of fellows.  In their opinion of the company is very good.  They say everything here is pretty nice – with a minimum of unnecessary rulings.

You can forget about the cigars – if you haven’t already bought them – but please send that necktie and leggings!I need the leggings for guard duty.  There’s more to say but I haven’t much time – and anyway – the most important things are already Ced.




July 15

Dad –

I’ve proven for myself that this is an O.K. company.  Everything is going along as usual.  No more on O.C.S. yet.  Will write tomorrow maybe.  I’ve got no weekend pass this week.



NOTE – As you can see by the dates, I did not make a mistake in my transcription. I have no way of knowing which date is accurate since I don’t have the envelope, which may or may not help. Obviously, the second part of the letter was written after the first part.

Tomorrow I will post another letter from Dave to his father with questions and comments regarding the Democratic Convention. 

Judy Guion



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