Army Life – Dear Dad (2) – Lad’s Comments to His Dad – April 29, 1945


This is the second half of a letter Lad wrote to his Dad from France. He makes comments on each of Grandpa’s letters that he has received.

APG - Al and Mike Hennigan, Langres, France, March, 1945

Lad and Mike Hennigan

in Langres, France in March, 1945

I wonder how you are able to write such a light-hearted letter in view of the conditions. You had a cold, the water heater had a leak and the furnace was out. All I can say is — “That’s my Pop”!!!

April 1 – Not much to mention about Ced’s letter other than, as usual, it is very interesting. And the box –Wow! Some box  !!!

Think I told you I’d received Paulette’s photo and I like her. Dave’s letters are both good and apparently were written before he hit Hawaii. He’s really getting to be a young man but it is hard to picture him. As I see him, he is about 12 or 13. Gee, I’m glad Erwin is


going to get a chance to come home. He was one of the few thousand boys who were caught unsuspectingly. To me, Easter Sunday was no different from any other day. I went to work and quit at the same times as usual.

April 8 — it’s funny, but bring up that little Spring House Cleaning bug produced quite a pang of homesickness. It’s odd to see what queer things remind one of his home and loved ones. Frequently they may have absolutely no material connection at all. Our speculations about us and China are not cricket – so, no comments.

April 15 — For having no letters to quote, according to your first paragraph, you did very well with this one. Dan’s letter is most interesting and although I’m nowhere near as


near the front as Dan is, we still frequently see bombers flying north or eastward and later returning to their bases. Really, it is quite a sight. So Benny Slawson has been decorated. I’m glad to hear that, but, my gosh, doesn’t time fly. I still can’t believe that he is 25. And Harold Kircher — at least he came through the sickness O.K. and received his commission. Did you make Hamden to see the wedding? Give him my regards if you see him before I do. As to hiding behind a technicality in forgetting my letter, your vindication is complete. As to expressing or “exhibiting any of the tokens of esteem” you so desire, just your weekly letters are entirely sufficient. Receipt of a box from home is more of a satisfaction


of desires, as far as I’m concerned, then a “token of esteem”. I know, in my mind, that you always desire to do something for me, and just that knowledge, even without any action on your part, is all I ask for and need. A concrete example is unnecessary. But if you must do something, write your letters, weekly, and that should and will suffice.

I certainly don’t intend to let Ven.-Pete (Venezuela-Petroleum)or Socony Socony-Vacuum Oil Company) forget me until I know what I want, so I’m writing occasionally. Thanks.

Give my love or regards to everybody, and keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood or anything else, and maybe we’ll all be home before too long (ingly).



Tomorrow I’ll be posting a letter from Biss to Ced, who has been living and working in Anchorage, Alaska for almost 5 years. I don’t believe he has made a trip to Trumbull since he and Dan drove to Alaska in June, 1940.

Judy Guion

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