Friends – Dear Ced Hotfoot Guionferno – From Rusty Huerlin – June 8, 1944

This post begins a week of letters written in June of 1944. Lad is in  Pomona, California with his wife of a little over six months, Marian; Dan is still in London, Ced is in Anchorage, Alaska, Dick is in Florida, with his wife, Jean, awaiting a transfer to somewhere, and Dave is coming home for a furlough – and his High School Graduation. Grandpa is eagerly awaiting his arrival.


Rusty Huerlin in  Alaska.



Nome, Alaska

June 8, 1944

Dear Ced Hotfoot Guionferno –

As I have forgotten how to spell Bill Dowes name and also forgotten the name of (the old) Lonsoac’s # 2  store, will you kindly take the enclosed in and give it to him personally at your earliest inconvenience. Have been waiting to hear from him for two months on picture I sent outside for duplicate.

Trust you got my letter explaining why I did not send ivory etc. to you. Will start purchasing as soon as I get away on trip north. You got the letter so will not have to wear my poor eyes out on this.

You wouldn’t like it over this way. No green vegetables and particularly no fish. Snowing to day and miserable weather. Leaving for God’s country in a month from today. Will write you at greater length — now busy as a cat in a stone quarry.

Guess I’ll have to write you another.

Tomorrow, another, longer letter from Rusty to Ced. The rest of the week will be filled with a letter from Grandpa to his boys (and the two wives) scattered around the world and one from Marian about their furlough..

Judy Guion

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