Venezuelan Adventure (26) – Oiga, Hermano or Hey, Brother – April 23, 1939

We are going back in time to April of 1939 when both Lad and Dan are in Venezuela.  Lad is working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, where he will be maintaining the diesel engines for their pumps.  Dan is still out at a camp in the field with no supervision or food.  He is still employed by Inter-America, Inc. but management is struggling. 

Daniel Beck Guion

La Concepcion

Rio Misoa

April 23.

Oiga Hermano, (Hey, Brother)

Your letter has proven to be the high point of inter-Americas fiasco.  It served to crystallize my decision asi:

With my recently-acquired draft for $290 I shall wend my way to the Cuidao of Maracaibo, not later than May 31, which is my latest ultimatum.  I shall take the necessary clothes, go to Caracas, see the Co. lawyer, proceed to Pariaguan (at your invitation which I await), visit briefly, back to Maracaibo, pick up bag and baggage, embark for Panama, buy clothes in Panama, sail for New York or travel north via Central America and Mexico, quien sabe? (who knows.?)

The new camp is located about 7 kms. below Primera Sabana on the same river which is called Rio Sicare,and Rio Misoa as it progresses from Ande to Ande Maracaibo-wards.  Those few kilometers made a lot of difference in temperature and tropical vegetation, it being too, too, warm aqui (here).  We are able to swim in a pool of the river close at hand which helps plenty.

My new address will be on the back flap of this envelope if Dick Wiberly keeps his promise.  He is taking this letter with him when he goes to Maracaibo to establish headquarters.  Please answer immediately, since I do not expect to be here much longer.  Let me know if a visit to Pariaguan is feasible and if so, how to get there: bus?  Co. car? etc.

In spite of my elation at your success and my draft for $290, time is beginning to drip like cold honey from a spoon.  Having made up my mind to leave, time has done a tricky little reverse which makes yesterday seem like tomorrow.

Tambien, (Also) in the last six months I have seen so little of civilization that I will be lost in Caracas’s Plaza Bolivar.

In your excitement you failed to acquaint me with the photograph situation.  What happened to the photos you took at Primera Sabana and Quelbrada Totuche camp?  I cannot find the negatives or the positives.

Enclosed is a letter which came for you.  Of course I didn’t read it.  The address on the envelope was (words cut off on this copy) New Haven.

Until Presently,


Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday, I will post a 3-page letter from Grandpa, on Friday, a letter from Lad to his father.

Judy Guion

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