Trumbull – Dear Lewis And Clark (2) – Mother’s Day and Grandma’s Birthday – May 12, 1939

This is the rest of the letter I posted yesterday from Grandpa to Lad and Dan, both in Venezuela.

The films you sent Ced will use in producing some prints with his Christmas gift.  I will mail magazines occasionally which I hope will reach you without too much delay.  One more thought and then I will get on to the general news.  You speak of the cost of sending airmail letters.  Of course, it is difficult for you to imagine how eagerly we all await your letters, you and Dan, and how empty the week seems when we do not hear from you boys.  I suppose you feel the same way about our letters from home.  However I cannot afford airmail postage as compared with regular rates – – ration of 3 to 25, so while the letters arrived later they arrived just as regularly once a week.  I don’t want to suggest that you quit spending the necessary 75 centimos every week, but as a compromise, why not send letters by regular postage to any others than those at home, and even then don’t deprive us of a long juicy letter when you feel expensive and have some detailed accounts to relate, but put them in a separate envelope with the nine or ten centimos stamp on it and even if it takes two weeks en route instead of five days it will be very welcome when received.  Oh, yes, I will take care of the renewal of the drivers license, but you won’t need it right away and I do want to get my taxes taken care of and if possible quiet some of the other hungry creditors before I make any unnecessary expenditures.

You mentioned the fact that there was not much news in some of my epistles.  When you reply to this, give me a little line on some of the topics you would like me to cover in my weekly news bulletins and I will do my best.  It’s a bit difficult sometimes to know what to write about, so give me a steer and I’ll try to go Chesterfield on you.

Rusty also received a letter from you this week, and was very glad to get it.  He will probably write you in reply when he gets around to it.  All week he has been working on a landscape which is coming along nicely and will probably soon be finished.

       Anna Charlotta (Westlin) Peabody (Grandma Peabody)

Page 3 of R-22

Well, today is Mother’s Day and as yesterday was Grandma’s 74th birthday, the Peabody clan decided to celebrate it by all gathering at Trumbull.  There was Helen and Ted (the Humans) and Grandma (Peabody), of course, (Helen and Ted have been staying in Trumbull while Ted recovers from a bad car accident in Venezuela in March) all of us here, Rusty Huerlin), Aunt Dorothy (Peabody, who has been staying in Trumbull to help care for Grandma), Anne ((Peabody) Stanley), Don and Gwen (Stanley, Anne’s children), Larry (Peabody and wife) Marian  and Alan (their son),Kemp (Kemper Peabody and wife Ethel (Merriam) Peabody), Ethel, Frank and Lyn (their children). Only Burton was absent on business.  Kemper practically took care of the whole thing.  (You know of course that Mrs. Merriam’s death a few weeks ago now means that they will inherit practically a quarter of a million dollars, (somewhere between $200,000 and $250,000). They brought all the eats with them, cooked, and hired a woman from Bridgeport to wash up dishes.  The menu consisted of tomato juice, olives and pickles, Parker House rolls, potato salad, carrots and peas salad with tomatoes and asparagus, ham, tongue and lamb (lots of it) coffee, ice cream and cake.  The latter a big beautiful cake with flowers and decorations and marked Grandma.  Everyone was supposed to help themselves, picnic style.  To start off we all sang Happy Birthday to You which brought tears to Grandma’s eyes. it was happily a bright clear, warm, sunshiny day so after dinner we all went out on the lawn and Mother opened her presents.  We were talking about how much we had all eaten and Dorothy burst out with the remark that she supposed we would all now go out and lie prostitute on the ground.  Of course she realized what she had said the instant we all burst into laughter, and a good time was had by all.

Ethel had brought up a table lamp and some blankets and bedding which she had no use for, some of them, I surmise, being from her mother’s house, and Anne brought up an old suit of Donald’s which fitted David very nicely.

Well, as midnight is fast approaching and tomorrow calls for a full day’s work, I think the part of wisdom is to bring this letter to a close.  It is on days like this that I miss you boys most of all.  Gone but not forgotten is our motto.  Well, a tally who to you both from the old folks at home, and here’s hoping you’re both well and happy and enjoying your experiences and storing up a treasury of memories to draw on in years to come.




Tomorrow I will be posting a letter from Ced to Lad regarding various cars. 

Judy Guion

3 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Lewis And Clark (2) – Mother’s Day and Grandma’s Birthday – May 12, 1939

  1. Valerie says:

    Sounds like a great get-together, simple and delicious food, and a few laughs!

    • Judy Guion says:

      Valerie, The Peabody Aunts, especially Aunt Helen and Aunt Anne, were a great help to Grandpa after he lost Grandma Arla, when my father, Lad, was 17 and Dave was only 7. He relied on them quite a bit. He was struggling with her loss also.

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