World War II Army Adventure (58-1) – Dear Dave – A Letter From Biss – September 14, 1944


         Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

Thursday night,

9:15 P. M.


Dear Dave,

As you have guessed from the time on the letterhead, we are in the middle of our second hurricane — at least the second hurricane that I can remember.  There is no sign of any damage around here but tomorrow I expect to go for a ride and see what I can see.  I woke both the kids up to see the wind but Butch wasn’t interested.  Marty got up and watched for a few minutes but he didn’t seem too impressed at the time altho’ tomorrow he will probably be all excited and Butch will probably be quite put out that we didn’t awaken him to let him see it to.  I may not be able to finish this letter as the lights will probably be going out pretty soon they have been flickering on and off all evening.

Dad and Aunt Betty were down for supper tonight and Aunt Betty was quite worried about the storm altho’ it didn’t seem to faze Dad in the least.  I guess they got home all right tho’, as they left here about 7:30 and the storm didn’t hit here until about 8:30 and that was plenty of time for them to get home.  I guess Jean went straight home from work when she heard the storm warnings and saw the rain beginning to come down.  That started coming down about 5:30.

Butch does not live up to the Guion tradition of detesting school but quite the contrary, loves it very much and can’t wait to get there.  Every day he comes home and tells me everything that they did including going to the bathroom.  He only goes half a day and wants to know when he can go all day.  Marty is anxious to go too but he has to wait two more years yet as he was born after January 1st.  However, he is very glad to see Butch go every day as he can play anything he pleases without having any(one) plaguing him.  They have gotten to the stage where they are always having fist fights and of course Marty always comes off second best.

Bob Jennings is home on leave and he wishes he could see you.  I guess most of his friends are gone from the old hunting grounds.

If you thought about us here you would have made it a point to stop in and see us the last time you were home, you old so and so!  I’ll bet you that you heard from me before you did Dick — right?  In fact, I’ll bet you he won’t write for a good long time to come.  I’m still peeved because I didn’t get one of those good pictures of you and Jean did!  After all, there are a lot of pictures of you hanging around up at the house that she can look at any time she feels like but I can’t do that!  I resent being pushed into second place like that even if I did ask favors of you all the time.  I’ll bet Jean was always asking favors too.  Well I had better get off that subject as I always get in a stew about it and end up getting mad at Jean who isn’t to blame in the least except that she is favored above me because of her better disposition and looks but after all I can’t help being me!

Have you remembered that fellow’s name as yet?  I can’t imagine who he could be.  Maybe I didn’t know the guy for, as you know, there were a lot of people that went to school at the same time that I did and I didn’t know all of them by a long shot.

Well, I think I will stop here for now as it is almost 11:30 and I will continue tomorrow after I have seen what damage was done by the storm and report same to you.  I put 9:15 at the beginning only to find that the clock stopped at that time so I don’t know what time it was when I started this thing to you but I would guess that it must have been about 10:45.


Tomorrow I will finish this letter to Dave from his sister, Elizabeth, known as Biss to family and friends.  I don’t know how Elizabeth got the name Biss, but I have thought about it.  Biss was about seven and a half when Dave was born.  I can imagine that when he started talking, Elizabeth was a difficult name for him to pronounce and he might be, in fact, the person who first started calling her Biss.  This is only a conjecture on my part. 

Judy Guion


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