World War II Army Adventure (60-2) – Possible Birthday Gifts – September 17, 1944

The second half of this letter is filled with news of all kinds, including news from Lad, a promising encounter with a friend from Trumbull and a list Grandpa has been asking for so he can get Dave a Birthday gift. 


One of the Camp Crowder Exchanges. “The Soldiers Department Store”, Camp Crowder, Missouri


The next hunk of news comes from Lad – he hasn’t figured that if either one of us gets a three-day pass we can come to the others place.  But as nearly as I can find out, we would both have to get a three-day pass at the same time and meet at some point halfway between the two camps.  I think probably that would be Little Rock, Ark. anyway, I couldn’t make any arrangements with him because I didn’t know where I was going to be, or what I was going to do.  But now that I know I’ll be in Crowder – with a Class A pass, maybe I could set out some time and have enough time to see him even if I don’t get a three dayer.

On the program we have a request to make.  Please when the movie Arsenic and Old Lace this  comes to Bridgeport, take Aunt Betty and Jean to see it.  I never saw the play and maybe the play was better than the movie, I can’t make any comparison; but I can say that it was awfully good and one of the funniest I’ve ever seen yet.

Now to answer your plea as to what I want for a birthday.  Every year this is a hard job for me – I never seem to be able to think of anything.  I finally end up saying “Clothes” – but even that is well taken care of this year.  Truthfully, all I can think of that I need or want are the following – each of which are too easily eliminated:

A furlough – you have no control over that.

A three-day pass – ditto.

A wrist watch – I can get one down here far cheaper than what you would have to pay there.

A camera – And my kiddin’?

Jockey underwear – that is as equally hard to get as a camera, I guess (I want elastic tops).

A pair of Civie shoes-I’d have to get the Ration Stamp from my C.O. and try the shoes before I bought them.

Smoking Tobacco – I still am trying all sorts of brands, trying to find the (perfect one).

Candy and Beach not Peppermint, – well, at last, these I can always use.  Homemade cake and cookies, too.

You see, Dad, although I’ve done some kidding around in that last paragraph, I really can’t be of much help to you.  We get all we need here, except home life and companionship – you could come down here sometime and bring El with you.  I wouldn’t mind that at all!!! Dan often writes a good list of things – but I can get most of the things he asks for right here in the P.X. Maybe I could use your system and send you something (besides a Jack) that you could use – for my birthday.  I have a feeling there is more I can say to you in this letter, but I can’t think of anything else.  Keep writing to my old address until I give you my new one correctly.



Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in 1945. Both Lad and Dan are in France. Lad is on the southern coast at Marseiles, Dan is getting ready for his wedding in Calais, on the northern coast. Ced is still in Anchorage, Alaska, Dick is still at Fortaliza, Brazil, and Dave is on his way to somewhere – it’s a secret.

Judy Guion



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