World War II Army Adventure (63) – Dear Dave – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – September 22, 1944

This letter comes from Jean (Mortensen) Guion, (Mrs. Richard) who is living in the Trumbull House with Grandpa while she waits for her husband, Dick, to come home from his service in the Army.

Notice the old address is crossed out and Grandpa has added days new Battalion.  I don’t believe Grandpa put the capital “F” on the letter, which is Dave’s new Company. I think that was added by the Postal Service at Camp Crowder, Missouri.  


Jean (Mortenbsen) Guion, (Mrs. Richard)


Sept. 22nd

Hi Dave –

Surprise – Surprise – Surprise – and I do mean I was when I got your letter.  Even tho’ it was only because you wanted me to do something for you that you wrote, at last I can say I got a letter from you.  What am I saying think it was a great honor to hear from you.  I really was glad to hear from you, Dave, and I’ll be only too glad to do that little thing for you.  As a matter of fact I trotted myself downtown this noon and bought your little dream girl a present.  It’s not what you suggested – and it did cost $15.00 – including tax.  I didn’t think those jewelry taxes were worth that much money, so I bought her a _____ leather pocketbook.  It’s light brown leather and has saddle stitches on the outside – the inside is lined with red leather.  It’s really very nice, and I’m sure she’d appreciate that much more than the music box.  I got the pocketbook in “Freids”, so it should be good.  I wouldn’t mind having it myself.

You forgot to tell me where she lives – but I’ll call her tomorrow, and see if we can meet someplace so I can give it to her.  I got a card and paper to wrap it in too.  Gosh – I hope she likes it, Dave.  I’d feel awful if she didn’t.

Now about the money – I really hate to mention it but I used Dick’s insurance money to get it – and his insurance is due Oct. 1st – so Dave, as soon as you send the money – the sooner I can pay the bill.  I usually have at least $25.00 hanging around my room, but I went to the bank last week and put every cent I had in it.  I didn’t want to draw on my account, so the insurance money was the next best thing.  I know you’ll understand, and won’t mind if I ask you to send the money as soon as you can …

There isn’t very much to tell you about Dick – he doesn’t have the slightest idea as to when he’ll be home.  Oh, don’t I wish this damn war would end.  It’s almost 15 months since I last saw him, but it seems like 15 years.  He sent me a picture of himself last Saturday – he looks swell – I think he has gained a little weight – maybe I’m just fooling myself.  If he has or not, he still looks wonderful to me.

Of course you know what an exciting life I lead – no there isn’t anything to tell you about me.  Only that I’m as lonesome as anyone could possibly be.  There isn’t much sense in crabbing tho’ – what good does it do.

Well, I have to write to my honey now –

See you real soon – I hope.



Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of pictures of our island in New Hampshire.  We consider it our own peace of “Liquid Heaven”. I hope while you enjoy the pictures and commentary I will be enjoying them in person. 

Judy Guion

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