The Island – A Special Tour (5) – September, 2020

My plan is to be up in New Hampshire on our Family Island this week. I have decided to share it with you  with a map and pictures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.


This picture was taken from the opposite side as yesterday’s picture. The Point is the cluster of rocks on the right and Bathtub Rock is on the left.



10 – The Sleeping Cabin

Prior to 1955, four families stayed in a 20 x 20 Army Tent, with each family occupying a corner. After the children ate lunch, we had “quiet time” while the adults were able to relax and eat their meal in peace. The Hurricane of 1955 passed by us and a strong wind raised a corner of the tent. About a dozen children ran screaming, out the front flap and ran to the Cook Cabin. The following winter, Lad and his friends met and drew up plans for a Sleeping Cabin. 

It would be 20 x 24 feet, comprising of four 10 x 10 bedrooms and a 4 foot dog trot down the middle with doors at each end. By designing the building with a 12/12 pitch roof, they were able to divide the upstairs, with a wall running above the dog trot, providing 2 sleeping areas for the girls. They also built a 10 x 12 platform where they erected a tent for the boys. 


Replacing the two window screens that were 64 years old with a window in October, 2019.


The finished project.


View of the window from Sunset Rock.


11 – Fire Pit

If you see this message, you will know that I was unable to find or transfer the pictures I wanted. I really had hoped to get this done but I need to get up to the Island before it is dark.


Tomorrow I will be continuing with more of Dave’s World War II Army Adventure.

Judy Guion








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