The Island – Pictures and Stories (2) – Pointed Rock – September, 2020

Spring Island - Path to Dock - 9.2020

Path down to the dock

Spring Island - Pointed Rock from the Dock - 9.2020

Pointed Rock from the dock

Spring Island - Pointed Rock (close-up) - 9.2020

Close-up of Pointed Rock

        We always called this “Pointed Rock”. You can tell the high water mark by the green algae on top. You may also notice that the bottom of the lake looks quite light in color. That is because the water – in this picture – is only about three feet deep and the bottom is covered with soft sand.
        When we were young (eight to about ten), this was an ideal place to go swimming. It also had the added bonus of fresh-water mussels which we used for fishing bait. I learned how to do a hand stand in the water here.
For the rest of the week I will  share Pictures and Stories of The Island.

Judy Guion

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