The Island – Pictures and Stories (3) – Split Rock Behind Sleeping Cabin – September, 2020

Spring Island - Split Rock behind Sleeping Cabin - 9.2020

Split Rock behind Sleeping Cabin

(When we were children, the “Split” was about two inches wide. As you can see, time and weather have made a difference over the last  seventy-five years)

When I was growing up, my family (Lad and Marian (Irwin) Guion, my two brothers, my sister and me) always went to the Island for the last two weeks of August. We always invited several other families to join us. Regulars were Jeanne (Hughes) and Chet Hayden with their two daughters and a son, Evelyn (Hughes) Lenhard with her two sons and a daughter, Barbara (Plumb) and Pete Linsley, with their son and daughter, Jane (Claude-Mantle) and Charlie Hall with their daughter and son, Peg and Harold Neville with their three sons. If you do a quick count, you will see that it wasn’t unusual to have sixteen children on the Island, with probably about twelve years separating the oldest from the youngest.

My brother Greg’s birthday was during our Island trip. Debbie, one of the members of another family, had a birthday earlier in the month. Her mother and mine (Marian Guion and Jeanne Hayden) quite often created a Treasure Hunt for the two birthday honorees as well as the other children. This Split Rock was a favorite hiding place for a clue, sending us all scurrying to another named place on the Island.

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